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Why I'm Not That Bothered About Fashion Week

why I'm not that bothered about fashion weekThis post contains affiliate links marked with [*] and gifted items marked with [gifted].

Today marks the start of another season at London Fashion Week and another season that I'm not that bothered about. A few years ago I craved being in attendance and would spend weeks emailing in requests for show tickets and backstage passes but that desire has somewhat disappeared. I've found that the opportunities are so scarce for bloggers. The 5 days spent running around London aren't as glamorous as you may think and honestly, I've never been that interested in high fashion (which is why I always feel a like a bit of an imposter when I use the label fashion blogger to describe my role).
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I'll be the first to admit that I'm not fashion-savvy. Despite a love of putting together outfits and styling pieces, I've never been that knowledgeable when it comes to designers and the latest trends so I've always felt out of place at fashion week.

Yes, I love the buzz and the opportunities available during the season but honestly, from my experience they're not any better than the opportunities throughout the year.

Fashion week involves a lot of running around, usually in painful shoes (because #fashun) and it's just not at all as glamorous as it may look in all the photos! I think that's something I'm starting to come to terms with more, the idea that what you see on social media isn't always an accurate representation of what's going on in real life. Of course I know this because I also generally share only the good stuff on my Instagram but it is easy to forget the fact that others do the same, especially when FOMO comes knocking!
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Fashion week is an opportunity to create new content and to get a first glimpse at the upcoming trends but this can be done from home, scrolling through the latest fashion week news online and/or through the eyes of other content creators. I've learnt that my audience aren't very interested in high fashion or finding out what will be trendy in 6 months time and to be honest, neither am I.

Working for yourself can often mean working by yourself and I found fashion week to be a very stressful and lonely time. I wasn't always going to the same shows as my friends and if I was, we'd usually only have the chance to chat whilst waiting for the show to start and then go our separate ways afterwards. It made it very hard to get on-the-go content of what I was wearing or who I was with and at the end of each day I would come home with sore feet and little else.

Although this doesn't mean I won't be in awe at all the photos from other people at London Fashion Week, probably wishing I was there because it's just one of those things! And not to say that I won't ever attend another season again, I'm thinking of popping in to a couple of fashion week lounges towards the end of this season but I'm just trying to detach myself from the stressful situations and hopefully getting across that it's ok not to want to do what everyone else is doing.

So this season I'm doing things differently and I'll be spending the weekend in a London hotel instead, which I'll be sharing more of on my Instagram stories (@peexo), taking some time to relax rather than worry. Hopefully not dwelling too much over what I've missed out on by saying 'no'.
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