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February 2019

monthly recap february 2019This post contains affiliate links marked with [*].

Well, February has been a bit of a sh*t month. The only word I can come up with to describe this month is meh. You know when you just can't explain it - it just is.

I started the month feeling really deflated with everything. In January I was so excited to have a fresh start and itching to create new content but a month later, it changed. I was tagged in a post on Instagram sharing favourite fashion accounts (which I was so flattered to be included in) but as I scrolled through the beautiful, white, curated feeds - I thought mine looked crap in comparison. I don't know why that ended up having such a big impact on me this month but it really did and I just felt so disheartened when it came to my feed.

It also didn't help that I wasn't able to post on-the-go whilst I was away in Scotland (read my travel blog posts: Scotland From My iPhone: What I Wore and Did and What NOT To Wear Skiing). Phone signal was very limited and I was so tired in the evenings that the last thing on my mind was to edit photos and upload them! So I left this for when I got back home. The majority of my snowy holiday content did pretty badly (another downer at the start of the month), with very low engagement and some people reached out to tell me they just weren't seeing my photos on their feed which is so frustrating! This links back to my older post documenting My Year (2018) On Instagram: The Statistics where I first noticed a correlation between going abroad and a lower engagement rate.

 BUT with saying that, I absolutely loved how my feed looked with all the photos from Scotland!
snow instagram theme
Honestly, I feel a bit all over the place with my content at the moment, not really knowing what I want to share and when. Two blog posts a week are still going strong which I couldn't be happier about as I love to blog! Although it does feel like I've gone back in time and am just writing because I want to rather than thinking about SEO, how many people are reading and how many comments I'm receiving.

I started the year hoping to get back to twice weekly uploads on my YouTube channel but it's been difficult alongside twice weekly blog posts, twice daily Instagram posts as well as fitting in meetings, events and shoots. I look back at the times when I was able to upload videos twice a week and realise that it was because I was blogging less at the time. So at the moment, the two don't really go hand-in-hand for me. There aren't enough hours in the day for one person to do absolutely everything and I'd rather stick to something more feasible like one weekly upload. It's just what makes the most sense right now.

Work wise, these past couple of months have been terrible! I haven't had a lot of paid work opportunities come through. Instead, I've received an influx of gifting offers and requests for free content which I've had to decline because it just isn't fair. This is such a scary thing about being self-employed and something I really struggle with, I actually think it's the reason I end up feeling uninspired when it comes to my content at times. I'm also a hugely negative person (which I'm sure you can probably tell just by reading this) so these things have a massive impact on me and overshadow any good that may have happened or could still happen.

Anyway, on to some more lighthearted things! On the book front, I haven't done too badly this month. I finally finished On a Beautiful Day by Lucy Diamond which took longer than expected because I just couldn't find the time to pick up a book and read. With that said, I ended up rating it more highly than I thought I would, giving it 4/5 on Goodreads (you can check out my Goodreads profile here). I then started Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan as planned, it's a bigger book than I anticipated but I managed to finish it last week and also gave it 4/5. My current read is This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay which I am whizzing through, I'm sure I'll be finishing it very soon!

I also registered at my local library, finally! Although that's as far as I got with it but it's a step in the right direction.

Also this month, I was kindly invited to spend the weekend at another London hotel (honestly, this rarely happens but so far this year I've had two hotel stays in as many months and it's just the nicest little escape!) My boyfriend and I stayed at The LaLiT London [complimentary stay] in Tower Bridge for two nights and were treated to dinner at their Pan Indian restaurant Baluchi and spa treatments at their Rejuve Spa which was bliss.

peexo travel hotel LaLiThotel LaLiT London 5*
breakfast waffles LaLiT LondonLaLiT London 5* hotel london

It's so nice to be able to stay somewhere different at the weekends, my boyfriend and I don't live together so it's nice to spend the time just the two of us and I think even if we did live together, staying somewhere else for the weekend is always a nice treat. It's definitely something I'd love to do more of, perhaps even taking the time to completely switch off from work/social media.

& last week I hit 60k on Instagram! Very exciting and pretty surreal when put in perspective, that's over 60,000 people which simply blows my mind!

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