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What NOT To Wear Skiing

Scotland, UK
what not to wear skiing This post contains affiliate links marked with [*] and gifted items marked with [gifted].

Despite not going to Scotland deliberately to ski, we did spend one morning at Glencoe Mountain Ski Resort and OMG it was cold! Obviously I knew it would be cold, the temperatures were pretty low in Scotland anyway but once you're up on the mountain, it's ten times colder - or at least it feels that way. Like I said, we didn't go to ski so I wasn't about to splash out on ski gear for a few hours up on the mountain so I packed thermals, jumpers and fleece lined boots and leggings and despite feeling toasty throughout the day - it just wasn't the same on Glencoe Mountain. Although I did really love what I wore, it probably wasn't the most appropriate clothing... but that's pretty much the story of my life, constantly dressing inappropriately for the weather what can I say.
what to wear skiing mountains

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peexo winter snow stylepeexo snow fashion

So, in my head I knew it would be cold but for some reason I thought that as long as I wore thermals under my cute outfit I would be fine. Lol. Wrong! I looked around as we arrived, realising how ridiculous I looked compared to everyone else, the only words circling my brain were:

Ski. But make it FASHUN.

Nope. Nope. & nope. My boyfriend and I felt completely out of place as we looked around us to see most sane people in their ski gear whilst I pranced around in my faux fur coat and Andre in jeans (and a skeleton face balaclava). The locals probably thought we were idiots from the city who have never been anywhere else in their lives!

Great for the 'gram, not so great in real life.
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peexo winter snow stylepeexo winter snow style
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Despite not packing appropriately for skiing, one thing I made sure to wear were thermals and I actually got sent some from Falke (these leggings [gifted] and this top [gifted]) before heading off and these were so great! Literally like a second skin and not bulky at all under my clothing which was exactly what I wanted - and they did a great job at keeping me warm too (honestly, if it wasn't for my thermals I don't think I would have coped!) I bundled up with my accessories including a scarf, hat and gloves and added sunglasses too for extra city-girl-meets-mountain sass.

I loved my outfit and 100% would wear it in London - which just goes to show how naive I was being, thinking that an outfit I would wear in the city would be good enough for a ski resort - I've been so obsessed with faux fur coats recently and I just want to wear them everywhere! I packed 4 in my suitcase for this trip...

Basically, I really wanted to share these photos with you but obviously couldn't recommend you follow my lead so I thought I'd title this what NOT to wear and sing high praises for the few things I'm so thankful I wore. Including thermals, fleece lined leggings and boots, a hat, scarf, gloves and sunglasses (still so obsessed with them, they were a gift from Brand Alley)! Everybody laughed at me for taking up a bag too but I stuffed inside packs of tissues, my phone and disposable camera so I think that was a good call (maybe not the most convenient if you're actually skiing though).

What can I say, forever in the wrong clothes.

what to wear glencoe mountain ski resortglencoe mountain ski resort
peexo what NOT to wear skiing

*Scarf - Next [gifted]
Boots - Sorel [gifted]
[Photos taken by Andre]

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