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Monthly Recap #5

It's finally summer! This post shows my transition between spring and summer and what I've been wearing this past month on my blog. It's getting pretty colourful here on peexo; I've been really loving trying out different colours and prints, I'm pretty sure you'll see much more colour on my blog during the summer too! Here's what I wore last month...

The last month has been pretty good. I've finished my university exams (I feel like I keep mentioning it on my blog but I'm happy exams are done haha) now the wait for results begins! I went to some events this month; the Fashionseeker press launch and the ASOS #epicsummer party at ASOS HQ which was amazing; hot dogs, pimms, ice-cream, real floral head crowns and a little bit of football fever too. It was so great to see so many bloggers in one place all at once, and I met such a lovely bunch too.

I was also shortlisted in the ASOS Fashion Finder Awards! I'm a nominee in the "Ones to Watch" category. I would be so grateful if you could vote for my look as it can help the judges choose an overall winner. All you need to do to vote is click the heart on the bottom right of my photo and sign in with Facebook, or Twitter, or using your email address and that's it! The winners are announced on the 1st of July so only 2 days left!

I'm currently on holiday at the moment and I have a few more exciting things planned for the rest of my summer so I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months. So here are the looks I posted in June. I think my favourites are Collar Crazy, All White and Bicycle. Which one of my looks was your favourite this month?

What have you been wearing this past month?
Leave me any comments below :)



  1. I love how you've styled the lace bralet in so many different ways! Love the one with the bike in the background the most! :)

    Cat xo

    I have a blog too, check it out and follow me? :)
    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

    1. Omg I hadn't even realised how much I had blogged the bralet! I guess you can really tell how much I like it! X

  2. Love this so much

  3. I love your looks ! Especially outfit number 1 and 3 !!
    I am on a mission to find a faux-fur vest for myself ! :)
    WTF Is The New Black?

    1. Thank you! Mine was an oldie from H&M, I think they're quite hard to find tbh! Try in the autumn/winter as they'll probably be of more use then haha! Glad you like my looks :) X