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I've been watching loads of YouTube videos recently and I've noticed how popular the "what's on my iPhone" tag has become so I thought I'd attempt to transfer the idea of the video into a blog post which I hope you all enjoy. I'm completely addicted to my phone and I'm constantly on it. Sometimes I wonder what I even do on my phone for hours on end. So in today's post I thought I'd show you what's on my iPhone...

I was contacted by Mr Nutcase (no, that's not the name of the person who contacted me but the name of the website haha) and was asked if I wanted to create my own phone case, and of course I said yes! There are so many options to choose from that I was truly stuck when it came to deciding! But I really wanted to get something personalised and as I was looking through their templates I came across this cute heart one and customised it with photos.

The people at Mr Nutcase were also kind enough to give me a discount code to share with you for 10% off your very own personalised case! All you have to do it create your own case and then use code: Thanku10 at the checkout. It's as simple as that! I'd love to see your own personalised cases if you decide to customise your very own, so tag me on any social media site so I can have a look!

I like to think I'm quite organised and that my phone is too but perhaps to anybody else my pages just look a mess! There is some logic behind it though I guarantee. I'm not going to talk through all the apps as they're pretty self explanatory and if not you can ask me any questions or simply download the app and find out for yourself - the majority of my apps are free ones. You can see which apps I love the most (and probably use too much!) and I've attempted to photograph the apps that I think will be of most interest to you in the blogosphere.. but that doesn't mean I don't have a tonne of addictive games like Candy Crush on my phone too haha!

What's on your phone? Let me know which apps are your favourite.
Leave me any comments below :)

Don't forget to use code: Thanku10 at the checkout when ordering your own customised case from Mr Nutcase to get 10% off your order!



  1. I recently made a phone case with Mr Nutcase too :) love your personalised design! Can't get over how many apps you have!! My phone can just about hold 10!!! uber jealous haha. xxx

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

    1. They're so cute aren't they :) I love mine, it's so nice to get things personalised. Haha, I'm like an app hoarder! I don't even use them all.. oops! X


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