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To The Maxi

There are often times when I have a piece that I really want to blog but simply don't know how to, it's as if I lack the creativity to put together an outfit that I'll be happy with. That's what happened with this dress, I simply didn't know how I wanted to style it - whether I wanted to dress it up or dress it down. But it isn't always bad, it pushes me to experiment with other options I may not have thought of trying before. So here's how I styled this maxi dress...

The print is quite an unusual one but something really drew me to it. It's like a camouflage print but not using the typical colours - pink for camouflage? Hm.. So if you couldn't tell already I decided to dress up the maxi dress. It has a gorgeous split on the side which adds a little something. It could be great to wear casually as it's super easy to move around in as the split doesn't limit you so much but it also looks really nice dressed up in my opinion. Although the print is quite a casual one accessories have the ability to dress up any outfit.

I bought these pink heels and I honestly just can't get enough of them! They're a pair of lace up heels in a pretty salmon pink; I think they're the perfect spring shoe, they look good with trousers and even when you have your legs out too which is always a plus. So I went for these because I thought they went nicely with the pink tone of the dress.

I stuck with my leather jacket as it's a staple piece I'm really comfortable with, I practically pair it with every outfit I wear because it just goes with anything and everything! I chose to use a black clutch and although it has a laser cut out it isn't too distracting which I wanted to avoid so the print of this dress could stand out over my other accessories.

Earrings - New Look || Rings - H&M || Bracelet - H&M || Watch - GUESS

How would you dress up a casual maxi dress?
Leave me any comments below :)

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  1. Replies
    1. I love the cut out detailing, it's so easy to style too! X

  2. Lovely outfit! <33

    Xo Sydney (

  3. Lovely outfit, your dress and shoes are so cute! I'd dress up a casual maxi dress with a statement necklace, clashing clutch and white cleated heels.

    Love Emma xx

    1. Thanks hun! Sounds perfect - love the idea of a statement necklace, I definitely need to get my hands on some more! X


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