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Spring Fling

For today's look I thought I'd mix some things that shouldn't really go together.. choosing faux fur in the spring? Seems a bit bizarre but as it's just a gilet I feel it adds a different texture to the look which is nice. I love mixing textures together. Here's how I wore faux fur this spring...

As the weather is still a bit up and down, it's always a risk to go out completely summer ready (legs out, arms out) so I tend to try and balance things out by choosing either one or the other. I've opted for bare legs lately which is strange for me as typically I'd choose jeans and a little vest top or something but this year I've decided to switch it up. Partly because I find jeans can be a little boring and I find it quite tricky to find pretty, statement tops so I've been opting for statement shorts or skirts instead.

I love these cute little shorts from sheinside, I've never shopped there as I feel slightly uneasy about buying clothes from abroad as returns are such a hassle and sizes can really differ too, but I went for it and bought some bits from sheinside (free delivery definitely convinced me). These shorts are so cute! I love the little pom pom detailing along all the seams, it's such a small thing that really makes a difference I think. My boyfriend mistook them for pyjama shorts and moaned at me for still being in pyjamas haha! Nonetheless, I'm a fan of them - I think they're cute!

I kept it all pretty casual colour and pattern wise in this look. I wore a simple black shirt, and although it's long sleeved it's a really thin material so it's the perfect spring shirt. I added nude accessories to tie in with the gilet, a pair of nude wedge heels and my leopard print clutch which I adore. I then added gold jewellery to finish off the look and wore some sunglasses in the hope the sun would shine.

Do you style any winter pieces to wear in the spring?
Leave me any comments below :)



  1. Replies
    1. It's a bit of a weird one haha, so I'm pleased that you like it :) X

  2. Really love these shorts!! x

    1. Me too! So in love with the little pom pom details, super cute! X

  3. Such a lovely outfit, it's so well put together! I've just bought a 'summer coat', my excuse is, you can never trust English weather! x


    1. Exactly! I completely agree - you never know when it's going to start pouring down so it's better to be prepared haha! X


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