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A Week In Portugal


As you may or may not know, I went to Portugal for a week to spend Christmas with my family over there and I thought I'd vlog a little bit whilst I was there. I managed to get some footage for every day I was there although in such a short space of time we really didn't get up to much so don't expect a whole lot of exciting stuff. I find it funny how so many people think Portugal is a hot country all year round but they couldn't be more wrong; it's as cold as London is during the winter - if not slightly colder where I'm from. My family lives in the North of Portugal which is quite a mountainous area so it gets pretty cold!

I thought I'd add a couple of photos of my time in Portugal too, just so you get a little more of an insight, and so this post isn't completely about the video as I know some of you aren't interested in that so I don't want to put out a completely irrelevant post.
Where can I find this in the UK?!

Watch my vlog:

I'm pleased with this vlog as I wasn't really sure of what I'd do or if I'd even get any footage to share with you but I'm happy I got a few bits to share and I just hope you enjoy watching it too. I know it's a bit of a long one but I hope you watch it and enjoy it nonetheless.

Finally, these are the outfits I posted over on my Instagram (@peexo).
Look 1: Coat (c/o) - Style Moi || Scarf - New Look (sale!) || Jumper - Boohoo || Jeans - Topshop || Boots - Barbour (sale!) || Bag (c/o) - Marc b. (sale!)

Look 2: Dress - Lavish Alice (sale!)

Look 3: Leather jacket - Miss Selfridge || Scarf - Zara || Jumper - Gilly Hicks || Jeans - Topshop || Boots - H&M || Bag - Michael Kors

Look 4: Parka - Topshop (very similar/cheaper) || Jumper - Boohoo || Jeans - Topshop || Trainers (c/o) - Hoodboyz (on ASOS here)

As I said in the vlog, I was really disappointed I didn't get the chance to film 'outfits of the week' or take any blog photos because tripods just aren't sold in the city I'm from! *Note to self: buy a tripod for Portugal* but I did take a few pictures on my phone which I uploaded onto my Instagram account so make sure you follow me there so you don't miss out on anything extra :) And would you be interested in an "Instagram outfits" feature on my blog?

Let me know if you enjoyed this vlog and if you'd like to see any more in the future. I really enjoyed filming a few snippets to share with you so I'd happily do so again in the summer for instance, when it's sunny and there's more to do in Portugal, so let me know if you'd like to see more vlogs from my travels or anything else. I'm all for new ideas!

What did you think of my first vlog?

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  1. Oh so cool! I'm half Portuguese but never been there. It seems like you had a god time and I love your outfits.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  2. Oops, I always thought Portugal was pretty warm/hot all year long! Drooling over that Haribo pick and mix!

    By the way I love your blog! You should do more personal posts like this :)

    Ivana @ Hope & Ramble x

    1. Haha! It's a common mistake every body makes, and some parts do stay warm but definitely not up north! I know right! Where can I get one?! Haha! That's really sweet of you, thank you <3 I will definitely do more when I can :) X