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Being Organised In 2015 [the 'it's not too late' edition]

I've only just started my second term at university and I think that explains my lack of organisation so far, I've just been lounging about at home and not doing much so I haven't really been motivated. However, now that I've been back at university for two weeks I've managed to start to organise myself for the year ahead with some basic bits.

I bought my diary (pictured above) in the January sales (already behind schedule with that one!) it's from Marks & Spencer and is now sold out online but you may find it in some stores still so have a good look - I got mine for £3 - I absolutely adore it. I think it's the perfect compact little diary to carry around in your bag and place on your desk, it's also super pretty! I've always had a diary but never been too into them to be completely honest, I'd much rather write lists on my phone but I feel like I need to give my eyes a little break from technology every now and again so I am going to try to stick to pen and paper more often when it comes to note taking and list making.

Some of my favourite 2015 diaries:

Weekly Planner:
My pretty pink one was such a steal! I bought it in poundland believe it or not, and it's been so great throughout my first term of uni in terms of helping me keep track of what needed to be done on a weekly basis. I'm definitely going to get back into using this because it really helps, and it's really cute too which is always a plus!

Some of the best weekly planners:

Sometimes the above two just aren't enough. I like to have a big A4 notepad to write in any rough ideas (wasting any of my pretty stationary would be a crime!). I like to jot down any rough ideas in my mind and then perfect them later on when I re-write them in neat or just toy around with different ideas. I do this when planning outfits, videos and when drafting essay plans.

Pretty notebooks, perfect for notes (and photos):

I think if I stick to these three I'll be doing pretty well during the year. I'm always the most organised when at university because you need to be when you're juggling assignments, seminars, lectures and exams all whilst trying to stick to a blogging schedule and attempt YouTube too. I blame my late start of term for my lack of organisation so far but I will definitely work on improving that now that I've had time to settle back. I hope you find this post useful and let me know whether you would like to see more of these types of posts, they're so popular at the moment and can be so helpful!

How have you been staying organised in 2015?



  1. Replies
    1. Exactly! I think if you're not organised then nothing goes to plan! X

  2. lol i defs like to think its 'not too late' when it comes to organization. my moleskin professional XL planner is a must for my blog and i love use moleskin notebooks for other aspects of my life too.

    A Beautiful Zen

    1. I've heard a lot of good about the Moleskin collections but they're a little pricey! It's always better late than never to organise yourself :) X

  3. I agree with you Patricia....being organised is the biggest key for a blogger to survive...and its never too late to inculcate good habbits....lots of love....keep blogging.....Anie

    1. I think we're all in agreement that organisation is key - but sometimes it's hard to put it into practice haha! Thank you Anie :) X

  4. Cute planners!

    1. I love finding cute stationary - it puts a smile on my face :) X