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Grey Strikes Again

Coat - Sheinside // Jumper - Zara (sale!) // Jeans - ASOS // Boots - H&M (sale!) // Bag (c/o) - Marc b (sale!)

I think this coat needs a name, the number of times I have worn this on my blog now is a joke! I'm just completely obsessed with it and I think quite a few of us bloggers have been at the moment, in particular international bloggers. I don't know why, but there's just something about this light grey structureless coat that strikes the eye. When I saw it for the first time I didn't like it! Then it somehow grew on me and now I love it, so as it has been so well loved this winter - I think it needs a name - any name suggestions? (I was thinking Mr Grey but then I thought that was a little weird haha).

This is such a simple look, you all seem to be really loving my simple and laid back looks which is great! I always thought I'd need to dress up for a blog post otherwise people just wouldn't be interested in having a look but it looks like we're all into some pretty casual outfits in the winter which suits me fine. Forgive me if all the jumpers I wear for the rest of winter are from Zara, I bought quite a few in the sales! You can see everything I bought in the sales in my January sales haul video over on YouTube (and don't forget to subscribe too!). I love that this is a really light look and apart from the boots there is no black which is such a huge achievement for me considering the rest of my winter looks have been pretty dark and gloomy, just like the weather!

Any ideas of a name for my beloved grey coat?

P.S. Peexo turns 1 tomorrow!

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  1. I follow you on Today I'm Wearing and I'm so glad I've seen your blog. Absolutely love your style and the outfits you put together and your so damn pretty! Going to follow you hun and I can't wait to see what other outfits you come up with xx

    1. Ah no way! I always post my looks on there alongside up on my blog, so pleased you found my blog through TIW :) Thank you so much lovely! X

  2. Love this look, that coat is lovely and I really like the jumper too! x

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

    1. Thank you Joanne! It's my favourite coat, and I've got a lot of wear out of the jumper too! X

  3. I love this look, that grey coat looks absolutely amazing! x

  4. I love this! Wish I could pull off the duster coats but I just look ridiculous as I'm basically a hobbit hahaha :( Love the boots too!

    Hannah xx


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