Of course today's post had to include more than one of my January sale buys, including this pinstripe blazer and beanie, both from Forever 21. If you haven't yet seen my haul video then make sure you watch it over on my channel peexo vlogs now.

Only on a rare occasion do I sport glasses on my blog, partly because I wasn't happy with the pair I had (the glasses I'm wearing in these photos). I went for an eye test fairly recently and used that as an excuse to get a new pair of glasses - glasses are so expensive! - I thought I had settled on a pair that looked alright but I surprisingly really love them! I'll definitely share them with you here sometime soon as I'm so pleased with them and would love to know what you think! If you can't wait until then, I've posted a picture on Instagram already. Anyway, I thought glasses were fitting with this look so I kept them on.

I love this pinstriped blazer - I had seen similar versions in River Island and Topshop but they were still quite pricey - I'm happy with the oversized fit and the button details around the torso. A simple Tee is the best way to layer in my opinion (replace with a long sleeved top for the winter), I went for a pair of standard wash denim jeans, the Topshop Leigh's of course. To top it all off I wore my favourite pair of converse. I've bragged about these before but I just love their all white, leather look finish and a beanie!

What's the best way to wear a blazer in a more casual way?



  1. I think you look good in those glasses! <3


    1. Thanks Annlouise, I actually got a new pair which I love now! X

  2. This is such a gorgeous look! I love blazers dressed down, you look like when a celeb is papped on a casual day! I quite like blazers with oversized t-shirts for a casual look :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. Haha! Thanks India :) Me too, this one is a really baggy one but I like the loose fit X

  3. I love the new glasses, I really want a new pair of glasses too
    the outfit is so cool and casual, LOVE IT!!

    Alexandria | :)

    1. The new ones are on Instagram and most people seem to like them, including me, which is a good sign! I find getting a new pair of glasses is always a nice change :) Thank you Lexi! X


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