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Red Lip for Valentine's

I know I don't really post many beauty looks on my blog because I guess most of you come here for the outfits I put together and other types of posts are always a little less popular with you it seems. I don't class myself as a beauty blogger so I feel like I need to put out a disclaimer whenever I do anything remotely beauty related because I'm really not the best at it! I've had a go at filming a few beauty tutorials over on my YouTube channel (including a Christmas look, featuring a red lip, and a golden eye tutorial too) and a few other beauty bits, you can see all my beauty posts here.

This was the makeup look I was sporting in a few of my Valentine's posts last week (here), and on Peexo's first birthday - basically, this is almost a go-to look for me so I hope you like the post.
Today's post includes my signature red lip - I just love a good red lip - my first lipstick was probably a red and for my birthday my best friend Stephanie bought me my first ever MAC lipstick and it was this gorgeous red, in the from of MAC's Ruby Woo. A lot of people say it's quite drying and hard to apply but I don't find that to be too much of an issue, it's a matte shade so I don't expect it to be creamy (I'm not a fan of creamy lipsticks anyway) and I'd say it takes a little more patience to apply but I like the outcome. Have any of you tried it?

The rest of my face is really simple; I don't tend to wear foundation, it's just not something I'm in to and I don't want to use foundation for the sake of it. Usually I just apply concealer where I need it and then powder my face. I'm quite happy with my brows at the moment which is such an achievement as I've always hated them! For this look I used the Maybelline brow drama to keep my brows in place but it's not a product I'm too keen on, I just don't think it does anything and it leaves the hairs on my brows feeling sticky afterwards - ew.

I've been trying out the Showgirl mascaras, lengthening mascara and volume mascara, from Barry M and my favourite has to be the volume one surprisingly. I've also been trying heated eyelash curlers from YoSo which is a completely new concept (& brand) for me and just seems so right! I've always heard tips and tricks about heating up your eyelash curlers with a hairdryer before using them to ensure a longer lasting curl but these are ready-to-use battery powered eyelash curlers - amazing! It's something completely new to me so it took a little while to get used to them and achieve the desired result but I think I'm getting there. Would you try heated eyelash curlers?

I've been focussing a lot on eyes recently, ever since I bought this Makeup Revolution palette, it has some beautiful shades including 12 shimmers and 6 mattes. For this particular look I used Don't Have To Hide Away all over the lid and You Will Be My Boy on the outer corner and just under the lower lash line, both of the shades were shimmers and I think it gives a really pretty finish. I also bought a bronze, shimmer and highlight from Makeup Revolution because I've been in serious need of a new one! I don't use the shimmer because I prefer a matte look but the highlight and bronze are beautiful.

I feel like whenever I do a makeup post I get too excited and write so much about the products and I don't really know if that's of any interest to you or whether you'd simply like me to tell you what I used and leave it at that maybe? Let me know! I want to get into doing a few more beauty posts so I'd love to know your opinions on beauty posts and whether you would like to see them more, and if so, what you'd like to see.

What's your favourite red lipstick?



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    1. You and me both! You're always sporting a gorgeous red lip in your posts girl! X

  2. I love trying red lips and I love the makeup you paired with it.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

    1. Thank you! I thought I'd go for a berry, red kind of look seeing as Valentine's Day is so soon :) X

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    1. No she cant, you're too late

    2. Watch out, arsenal2rules is about haha! Andrew, Ruby Woo is an amazing shade for sure! And I already have a Valentine! X

  4. such a gorgeous makeup look! love how bold the red is

    from helen at

  5. The palette of colours you've been using is pretty. Even though I primarily read posts about fashion, outfits, lingerie and lifestyle, I like reading beauty posts as well, and previously added one of your YouTube videos to the "Makeup Playlist" on my YouTube channel ( I like the looks you acheive with your makeup.
    I'm always interested in discovering cosmetics companies that carry products that are vegan and cruelty free. I even included a photo and a paragraph or so about a makeup and beauty haul and links to a few brands in the middle of my last post which was titled "THANK YOU 2014 Commenters, Bbloggers Beauty and Makeup Haul, No Pants Subway Ride 2015". The bright red lipstick colours you love will be perfect as part of a Valentine's Day look.

  6. I absolutely love a red lip its so classic and can be worn with almost anything... great post x

  7. Im obsessed with your lips <3


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