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Best Student Discount Offers Now

boosted student discounts uk

I've never done a post on student discounts purely because not all of us are students but it's January, I'm definitely feeling the January blues so I've shopped.. and in a bid to make myself feel better about it I've put together a post so we can all feel guilty together - yay!

If you didn't already know you don't need to buy an NUS card to shop online using your student discount. All you have to do is sign up to UNiDAYS and you'll have access to all the student discounts online, it can also be used in some shops simply sign up here (you'll need a valid university email address) and you're good to go!

Boosted Discounts:

ASOS // 20% student discount, ends: Jan 22 // Shop here (hurry, ends tomorrow morning!)

Missguided // 25% student discount, ends: Jan 28 // Shop here

Public Desire // 20% student discount, ends: Jan 25 // Shop here

Topman // 20% student discount, ends: Jan 26 // Shop here

Urban Outfitters // 20% student discount, ends: Jan 28 // Shop here

New Look // 20% student discount, ends: Jan 28 // Shop here

Warehouse // 20% student discount, ends: Feb 01 // Shop here

Motel Rocks // 25% student discount, ends: Feb 01 // Shop here

H&M // 20% student discount, ends: Feb 01 // Shop here

Miss Selfridge // 20% student discount, ends: Feb 01 // Shop here

Zalando // 15% student discount, ends Feb 01 // Shop here

Those are some of the best offers at the moment, as well as some of my top picks! If I see anymore added as the week goes on I'll keep you updated either through this post or over on Twitter (@peexo) where I'll tweet anything new so keep an eye out! Let me know whether you'd like to see more of these types of posts where I give you the low down on current discounts or something along those lines, maybe a new section on my blog dedicated to discount codes - would that be of interest?


  1. thanks for sharing

  2. Student discount have been doing themselves well the end of last year and so far this year, we've really been getting some guuuuurd discounts - especially on Missguided!

    1. Tell me about it! Missguided are always pretty good with their discounts, I always love when ASOS comes along I literally buy everythiiiiiiing! X

  3. This makes me wish i was a student again so much!

    Emma at