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Still Wearing Burgundy Boots

peexo fashion blogger wearing camel coat
burgundy suede boots from public desire worn by peexo fashion blogger
camel coat and burgundy boots worn by peexo fashion blogger
classic winter's outfit worn by peexo fashion blogger

This week has ended on a high, I finished my first term exams on Wednesday and had a mini break for the rest of the week (which will probably continue over the weekend) before classes start on Monday. I'm looking forward to starting my second term as I just really want to get it over and done with! I haven't spoken too much about France other than letting you know I was going on my year abroad but I'll be doing an updated video or blog post - or both, let me know what you'd like to see - talking a little bit more about first term and anything else that could be of interest.

I'm also really pleased to have overcome my fear of not sticking to a schedule, these past couple of weeks I've really tried to not keep to any sort of schedule which probably sounds weird as most of us try to stick to one but I guess I'm currently working towards the opposite! I definitely think I've succeeded in this as last week I only posted twice, and this week I've posted four times so it's a bit all over the place really - but right now that's good. I said in my previous personal post I was toying with the idea of sticking to a three times a week schedule which I undoubtedly will do eventually but I feel reassured now that if I post less, or more, you'll stick around! Surprisingly I've also noticed a rise in pageviews which was unexpected, I don't know if it's just because it's January and we've all settled down a bit more or if less really is more!

That was a hefty ramble! Today's outfit is just a classic winter's look, I have a few outfits waiting to go up which I took when it was slightly warmer but those have taken a back seat because the weather has really started to cool down and coats are definitely needed. You know of my love for these burgundy boots and they haven't made an appearance on the blog in a while but rest assured I am still wearing them loads - these beauties honestly started my love for ankle boots this year and they're a great statement piece.

Jumper - (c/o) Linea via House of Fraser
Fringe bag - H&M
[Photos taken by Harley]


  1. I love this look. The boots are kind of flashy and I don't think I would ever be brave enough to go for it but it looks stunning! Regardless of how much you post, I love your blog, your outfits, and your rambles too. That just makes you you. Do what makes you happy and feel good!


    1. Don't be scared by the colour, it's quite a muted burgundy and just looks amazing with anything! I've really loved these! Thanks so much Margot X

  2. best work boots .A sharp finishing with leather touch! An awesome combo. Its also of my favorite color.I think it can be used both as formal and casual wear.


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