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Today I'm talking phone cases, because it's good to give our phones a lil' bit of TLC. Our phone is like our greatest accessory, when are we ever not using it? I find that it's something so personal to us that it makes sense to protect it and if adding a case can make my phone look even better in the process then why not! I have quite a variety of cases at the moment so I thought now was the time to share my current collection and let you know which are my favourites. I've also got a few discount codes for some of these places so do make the most of it if you're after a new case for your phone.

I'm sure you've all heard of Casetify, they're probably a blogger favourite! They have so many pre-made designs it's quite overwhelming but I'm not the most creative person out there so I tend to cop out and go for a pre-made design and I was not disappointed with their selection! I ended up choosing the gorgeous girl holding macarons case - I think it's so apt for me and I also think it looks like me (or any other brunette for that matter haha) But if you are the creative type then you have the option to create a case too!

Some of my favourite pre-made designs:

I've had the pastel flamingo case for a while now and it always reminds me of summer (which can sometimes be a bad thing when it's pouring down with rain outside) but it's super cute and probably one I'll be going back to over the summer as it's so perfect! My personal favourite cases are the snap-on ones which aren't the most protective but I hate making my phone bulkier than it already is. You have the choice of which type of case you want so if you're after something more protective there's that option too! On Caseapp you can also create and customise laptop skins - hello marble laptop.

Kate Spade
Who isn't obsessed with Kate Spade right now? The stationery is just beautiful and basically everything is #goals. The only downside is the price. I got this case for my birthday (you can see what I got for my 21st birthday in this video) and I love it, I definitely don't think I would have bought it for myself as they're quite expensive - keep an eye out on the sales though, as they're sometimes reduced. It's a beautiful case but to be completely honest it doesn't really fit my phone very well, it seems to slide about a little more than it should and it's only a snap-on case which are never the most protective - so not for the clumsy - nevertheless it's beautiful and a gorgeous addition to my collection.

More Kate Spade designs:

A lovely girl called Teresa got in touch with me and sent me one of her hand-made phone cases. I think you can tell by my collection that I'm currently loving transparent cases, they look particularly nice with the new iPhone colours. Teresa made me the Eiffel Tower phone case which is so perfect for me right now! If you'd like something hand-made to exactly what you want then check out Syawang on Instagram.

Chiara Ferragni
Now although I'm pretty sure the case I have isn't an original from the Chiara Ferragni collection, it's a pretty good dupe for it! I have no idea where it's from though (bad blogger I know!) I received it in an amazing gift box but got rid of the packaging so I can't remember where it's from. Although after a quick google search I'm sure you'll find loads of other similar cases in loads of different colours too. I love quirky and fun cases like these, they're great for on a night out so you can have a little bit of fun with it and you won't risk losing your phone when it's this eye-catching! I'm also surprised by the price of the Chiara Ferragni ones, I thought they'd be much more expensive, they're definitely still on the pricey side for a phone case but not extortionate. 

The complete Chiara Ferragni phone case collection:

Plia Designs
The final cases I have to show you are from Plia Designs, these bright macaron cases look good enough to eat! Their latest collection consists of macaron designs (clearly a current favourite of mine) as well as designs featuring a cute little Westie on them too, great for any dog-lovers. One thing I love about these cases in particular is that they come with added protection inside, so the case is pretty much a snap-on but there's an added protective layer (removable) which keeps your phone safely inside, you barely see any of it so I really love the idea.

Onto the best bit now.. discount codes!

I currently have a couple of exclusive discount codes that you can use on some of these websites to create your own case (or choose a pre-made one, it's completely up to you) so what better time to give your phone some lovin'?

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