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Fluffy Eyed Jumper

peexo fashion blogger
as seen on me asos farleigh mom jeans with rips
peexo fashion blogger styling asos farleigh mom jeans
patent boots and 3d fluffy eyed jumper worn by peexo fashion blogger
peexo fashion blogger wearing ripped jeans and 3d jumper

How crazy fun is this jumper? I laid eyes on it and had no idea whether I loved it or loathed it, nonetheless I wanted to try and incorporate it in my wardrobe. You know how much I love the Farleigh jeans by ASOS so I picked these to wear; high waisted jeans are perfect for a statement jumper particularly when it's a lightweight jumper like this one is, I find they really compliment each other. Usually when I wear patent boots (I have two pairs in my shoe-drobe at the moment) I like to make those the statement because despite them being only one colour I'd say they make a pretty big statement. I definitely want to know your thoughts on this 3D jumper, let me know in the comments!

[Photos taken by Harley]


  1. Love this jumper so much, it's so quirky!

    Also the boots are amazing :)


    1. Yeah I completely agree, it's so out there but I think it makes a great statement piece! I've been wearing them loads X

  2. That's a definitely a funny and eye catching jumper!
    Stella from a Looks & Travels

  3. LOVE the jumper, so striking and different. x

  4. PLEASE i have to know what size you are in the farligh jeans.I think we about the same size and i really want do order them too.THANKS!!

    1. The ones in this photo are a W26 but I find they're too big for me (these were the first pair I bought) but now I buy W25 and they fit perfectly! X


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