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Open-Back Dress

open back dress worn by peexo fashion blogger
peexo fashion blogger wearing monochrome outfit
cut out back dress styled by peexo fashion blogger
sale buys worn by peexo fashion blogger
knee high boots in winter styled by peexo fashion blogger
monochrome skater dress worn by peexo fashion blogger
knee high boots and skater dress worn by peexo fashion blogger
peexo fashion blogger styling monochrome party outfit
peexo wearing skater dress and knee high boots

This is feeling a bit like deja-vu because I shared the exact same two sale items consecutively on Instagram a few weeks ago and I've decided that's the right thing to do now on the blog too! As I started the week talking about my sale purchases I thought I may as well continue. I was really disappointed in the sales actually and didn't buy much at all, I wasn't in London for very long either which definitely didn't help but I placed a few online orders and went to a couple of stores but it was all pretty disappointing really and I think I only kept 5 items in total - major fail. 

I did however find this dress in H&M which is a mix of so many trends in one piece and I love it! It has gorgeous flare/bell sleeve detailing which was probably what caught my eye initially but it also goes into a bit of a high neck with a gorgeous open back which would normally put me off buying because I don't feel comfortable not wearing a bra (I wore a stick-on bra for these photos) but as it was in the sale I picked it up anyway and I'm glad that I did! You might still be able to find it in-store but if not I've found an incredibly similar version from Warehouse! This time of year I pair everything with knee high boots to avoid wearing tights; I've never been too fussed about wearing tights but recently I've really been avoiding them so these boots have been my go-to.

Dress - H&M (super similar!)
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. THIS DRESS IS AMAZING! The flare in the sleeves gives it a 60's feel and the knee high boots go perfectly with it. This has a modern twist to it because of the open back, which is the perfect way to show a little skin. LOVE!

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    1. It's a good'un isn't it Tali? So pleased I didn't shy away because of the open back, it's a gorgeous piece! X

  2. Beautiful dress, you look amazing in it

  3. Love those boots!!!
    xo dré

    1. I'm so pleased I have a pair of over the knee boots in my life - definitely a must this time of year! X

  4. This dress is beautiful, especially with those boots!!

    Made In The 1990s

  5. This is such a beautiful outfit! I love it. I'm not really big on the 60s/70s trend, but I think I may need to take a trip to H&M :)

    1. Hopefully you'll spot it, the Warehouse dress is so similar to this one though so worth a look if you don't find this exact one! X

  6. such a lovely dress


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