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You've seen this dress before but it's back out again now that it's spring time! I think this is the perfect Coachella dress, it just really gives off summer nights vibes thanks to the flared sleeves and skater skirt. I know it's monochrome and I said I was going to try and steer clear from dark colours but for some reason I keep gravitating towards them. Keeping it short and sweet as you've seen these pieces before but following on from yesterday's post, there's nothing wrong with re-wearing what you love!

My boyfriend took these photos for me and hats off to him because these are probably some of the best photos he has ever taken for me! I'm now seriously excited for next month and going away on holiday because I know I'll have a good photographer on hand at all times.

Dress - H&M
Boots - (c/o) Just Fab
[Photos taken by Andre]


  1. I love this dress, the back is so nice. Yes, hats off to your boyf! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

    1. It's lovely! I think it's perfect for Spring time! Haha, he'll be pleased to hear! X

  2. Ooh waw! you look beautiful in that dress!!

  3. Lovely dress chick! I have a pair of similar boots and have been wondering what type of dress to style them with so this has helped a lot! Well done to your boyf for such lovely photos too x

    Always, Alice

    1. Haha, I know right?! Definitely impressed with them, I usually opt for a longer boot but I think these work really well with a casual dress X

  4. Such a cutie spring outfit! X

    Kylie Jenner style inspo over on -

  5. This dress is beautiful and very feminine :)

    1. It's so nice because it's monochrome too (which can be quite boy-ish) X

  6. Love the spring update to this dress! Molly x

  7. So stunning, I think of Kendal Jenner every time I see you! xx


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