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Let Your Shoes Do The Talking

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Day Time

I was asked to style a Dorothy Perkins piece and change it up to fit three different occasions by simply changing the shoes. I jumped at the opportunity because I have an ever growing shoedrobe and I really think that shoes can change an outfit completely. So I had a browse of the Dorothy Perkins shoes and saw exactly what I wanted! I matched everything up to go with this side split midi skirt which I paired with a varsity style jumper (an unusual pairing but I quite like it!) For my day time look I picked flats, more often than not I'm always prancing around in ankle boots but as the weather gets warmer I switch those out for flats and lace ups are perfect for this.

Jumper - (c/o) ZNU

dorothy perkins nude heels
varsity jumper midi skirt

Evening Look

Funnily enough we shot these in the evening hence the blue lighting. I kept my second outfit exactly the same bar the shoes of course. This time I went for a nude pair of heels which complimented the skirt perfectly, I imagine wearing these to a dinner party in the evening or even as part of your work wear wardrobe. They have the lace up detailing which I can tell will be huge once again this Spring and they're the perfect height - not too high, not too low.

Jumper - (c/o) ZNU

midi skirt striped
strappy black heels dorothy perkins

Night Time Look

Finally, and probably my favourite is this night time look. I love a pair of strappy sandals and these instantly caught my eye because of the block heel. One thing I'll say about these heels is that they're definitely wide fitting, I'm not sure if they're wide fit (Dorothy Perkins has a good selection of wide fit shoes) but I didn't realise so they're definitely on the bigger side for me. To make the whole outfit more suited to the evening I added a biker jacket from Your Shores.

Jumper - (c/o) ZNU
[Photos taken by Joana]

Which style is your favourite? Day time, evening or night time?


  1. I love this skirt!
    It looks amazing with all the shoes you've picked out

    1. Such a gorgeous skirt, it caught my eye instantly! X

  2. Skirt is a beautiful piece, all of the shoes are stunning and will go with so many different outfits :)

    1. I'll probably be wearing them loads all throughout Spring so keep an eye out for more! X

  3. In love with your skirt Patricia!💙 Definitely love the evening look the most!

    Isobel x

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    1. I think I'd be most likely to wear it for an evening out :) X

  4. I absolutely ADORE that skirt. It gives you a really curvy, gorgeous shape!
    Bee |