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Lace Up Heels

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I've had these photos sitting around for a while and I wasn't going to upload them because I didn't get a huge variety of shots but just look at these heels. For some reason this is actually their d├ębut, I had no idea they had never been featured on the bog before so naturally I had to rectify that. These heels are from Public Desire and are available in so many colours! There's a pair for everybody. The rest of my outfit is pretty simple, probably boring really but I tend to gravitate towards simple outfits especially when I don't really know what to wear.

Waterfall coat - (c/o) Vila via Bossane
Tshirt dress - (c/o) Vila via Bossane
Lace up heels - (c/o) Public Desire
[Photos taken by Faith]


  1. These heels are so beautiful, I'm in love with the colour of them!
    Maddy, xo

  2. These shoes are fabulous! I actually think the simple outfit really works to bring out the colour and detail of the shoes!
    Martha | Martha Dahhling

    1. I agree! I think heels (or any footwear for that matter) can completely transform an outfit completely X

  3. The colour of these shoes is just fabulous! They'll be a perfect summer shoe.