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My (secret) Bucket Bag Obsession

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If there's one thing I'm obsessed with it's bucket bags, no questions asked. I always talk about my love for ankle boots and I think those come in at a close second place, just after bucket bags. It probably doesn't translate so much on my blog as you're more likely to see me wearing ankle boots rather than rocking my endless number of bucket bags but I use mine daily, which if you follow me on Instagram (@peexo) is probably obvious! My most recent addition is this nude bag from Zara which I love, it's much lighter and therefore perfect for Spring time so I instantly gravitated towards it in store. Although I must admit the fact I have to constantly tie a bow to keep it closed is pretty annoying and not at all practical but my love for these is so strong it really doesn't matter. Typically I go for a bucket bag with a drawstring which is just a bit safer, particularly for daily life in the city. I honestly pair these bags with everything I wear - a few outfits below - you can see all my posts featuring bucket bags here.

How I style bucket bags:

how i style bucket bags fashion blogger peexo

Some of my current favourites:

So, what's your secret fashion obsession?


  1. lol lol lol this post helped me so much for the most bizarre reason... I've spent about an hour trying to assemble that very chair in the picture and couldnt work it out based on the flatpack instruction image... I just couldnt work out where the screws were meant to go... and then I saw this picture and was like OH WELL NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

    So major thankyou haha! Plus bucket bags always a winner! xxx

    1. Oh Sophie, always happy to have helped out haha! Win win! X