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Fringe Bucket Bag

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Hello, hello! Feels like forever but it's only been a few days since my last post, I got so into posting daily that I seriously miss it when I don't. I've got quite a lot of new pieces to show you and I'm at that point where I simply couldn't wait any longer so here I have everything on all at once!

I've recently been obsessed with these simple tops from New Look, they're perfect for spring now that I've been torn away from my beloved roll necks as the weather warms up. I've got two at the moment but I think I'll be grabbing more especially now as there's 20% off for students going on, plus 25% off certain items so it's worth a browse online. This biker jacket is also new and you know of my love for leather jackets, this one is a navy suede which is beautiful for spring. Naturally I'm wearing Farleigh's because they're my favourite jeans, paired with some new mules from Daisy Street. Finally there's a new bucket bag in my life, it's seriously Coachella (is that a thing?) and I think I'll be wearing this loads all summer - someone get me to a festival because I'm ready!

Suede biker jacket - (c/o) Your Shores
Striped top - New Look
Mom jeans - ASOS
Mules - (c/o) Daisy Street
Fringe bucket bag - (c/o) Label Lab via House of Fraser
[Photos taken by Faith]


  1. I love the jeans! The link doesn't work though :(

    1. Someone said this to me yesterday too, but the links are all working for me? So strange! They're the ASOS farleigh's :) X

  2. Gorgeous look!! I'm really loving that jacket, too :)

    1. Thank you Maggie, it's so pretty isn't it? Perfect for Spring! X

  3. Love the bag! Shoes are lovely too <3

    1. So nice isn't it? I think it's perfect for festival season! X

  4. Great look, definitely festival ready! I especially love the braided strap on that fringe bag!

    Jo. x

    1. All the details are so pretty, I imagine wearing this with a skater style dress ready to dance the night away! X