Social Media - Is It Worth It?

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I've been questioning whether the way I choose to create and share content on Instagram is the right way to do it. I've been using (LTK) for a really long time now but I wonder... do you really want my cryptic captions "find out what I'm wearing by signing up to..."? Are you really interested in what I'm wearing? Do you really want "shoppable links sent straight to your inbox"? These are honest questions I have and I'd love to know what people think but it can be so difficult to get feedback.

I spend a lot of time creating this; there's a whole process that goes on before I upload an image on Instagram starting with finding the perfect location, posing endlessly, picking one image out of the other 100 in my camera roll. Then, comes the long editing process which starts with VSCO and ends in the Instagram editing section, but somewhere inbetween there's where I find all the items I'm wearing (or similar), and generate individual links for the image which I will then share on Instagram and also on my LTK profile. For anybody who thinks blogging is easy - think again - there is so much happening behind the scenes and when you scroll through Instagram looking at all the edited images, there's just so much more to it.

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Sometimes I feel like I'm pushing this aspect too much but I don't want to get rid of it completely because I think it's such a good idea, I use it myself and I can see it working but is it all a bit too much? I want to make it easy for you to see exactly what I'm wearing on Instagram, but is it something you want? Or is it just gimmicky?

Here's what it looks like online:
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To put it simply, what you need to do to use this platform is sign up and then whenever you like a photo that uses on Instagram you receive an email with the outfit details, or, if that's not something you want then you can just browse your favourite Instagram accounts' profiles and shop their feed.

And basically, the point is to make it easy for you to shop my outfits (I've shared screenshots so you can't click through but you can get the whole experience via if you'd like to see how it really works) you can see the image I share on Instagram followed by what I'm wearing which are clickable product images - these will redirect you to the website so you can buy the item if you wish. In my opinion, this makes everything so much easier - you can see the exact item I'm wearing, or similar if unavailable. I mean, I'm a huge online shopping fan and anything that makes life this easy must be a winner?! Especially when compared to an overly tagged Instagram image. Please let me know what you think about it in the comments!

peexo-accessories-summer stripe-accessories-playsuit-walg-peexo

I personally find this super helpful, it saves having to search for products online or making sense of a photo that is heavily tagged. I'm constantly trying to get my head around everything and understand whether or not this is something you want or don't want. Is it worth me using this? Should I change my theme? Am I posting enough content? Am I posting at the right time? I mean, I could honestly go on forever, the questions I have are endless!

What are your thoughts on Instagram content creation?


  1. Such a good post with a lot to think about. Personally I prefer seeing what people are wearing by them tagging in the photo. If you like a load of photos on Instagram that us liketoknowit, all those emails can get annoying after a bit or maybe that's just me?!

    1. I've heard this a lot! I think the whole email thing may not be the greatest but I'm personally a fan of the profiles but I was actually speaking to someone on Twitter who said they'd rather visit a blog rather than LTK so it's super interesting to hear other opinions about it! Thank you for letting me know! X

  2. I personally like to see tags of where items are bought from rather than liketoknowit :-) If I'm looking for a specific item I'd always go to the blog post as well to find the link for the item as well as to read the bloggers opinions. For me liketoknowit is just another thing for me to sign myself up for which if I'm honest, I cba doing, maybe that's me though, I'm quite old fashioned for a millennial. Ha.

    1. Recently I've been trying to do both because sometimes I post outfits on Instagram which I don't post on my blog but really interested in people's opinions! Thank you for letting me know X


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