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My First Experience with Shellac Nails at London Grace

nail bar review peexo
shellac nails peexo review

Last week my mum and I went to London Grace, a quirky nail bar, for some weekday pampering. I got shellac on my nails for the first time ever.. and all I can think is why didn't I do this sooner?! My mum opted for a pedicure, both of which have lasted really well throughout the week!

The salon is a really beautiful space, we visited the Putney branch (there's another in Clapham) and were greeted by the lovely girls who offered us a drink and got us seated. I've never had shellac, or any kind of gel nails for that matter, before so I can't really compare my experience to any other. I had the top notch shellac treatment which lasted approximately 45 minutes and includes shaping, cuticles, moisturise, buff and polish.

My mum had the top notch pedicure which took a little less time than my treatment did, and none of their pedicures are done with water. My mum and I both commented on how this would be the perfect place to pop in when you're in a rush and in need of a slap dash mani or pedi - which are both options! This salon offers different types of treatments suitable for whether you're in a rush or in need of a pamper.

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shellac nails grace london

I was really impressed with the service, I loved the end result and it was just so easy! I couldn't believe that my nails were completely dry as soon as I left the chair - amazing. As my mum had standard polish we had to wait a while for hers to dry and after our treatments were finished there was a party which meant we had to move to the bar area while we waited for the polish to dry before leaving which was a little annoying.

Nonetheless, it was a really nice experience and both of us are still really happy with our mani/pedi a week later. 

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peexo london grace review


  1. We offer Gelish at my work which is similar to Shellac... Whenever anyone has it they always comment how much they love it! I change my nails too often to have it on haha!
    Love from Daisy xxx

    1. It's just amazing! I had no idea how much I needed this until I tried it, it's more than a week later and the polish still looks pretty good - the only downside is the regrowth when your nails grow but I guess there isn't much we can do about that! X