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Why You Need A Pair of Lace Up Heels This Summer

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It's all about the lace up shoes to be honest, it's been all about them for as long as I can remember - these brown ones have been particular favourites of mine. I mean, what's not to love about them? They lace up, they're super flattering, so comfortable and look amazing! I've been wearing these with just about everything, dressed down with a pair of jeans for day-time or dressed up for an evening out. This time I've styled them with a playsuit which can also be worn for the day or night with the addition of a few accessories and a bold lip.

I must admit I've been struggling with writing recently but I hope you enjoy this post nonetheless, I'm hoping some sunshine abroad will soon put an end to my writers block (I'm going on holiday on Tuesday!)

[Photos taken by Faith]


  1. Can I have your legs please? I would be wearing playsuits all day long <3 xx

    1. I wish I was shorter so I could wear playsuits all day long, it's so rare to find some that actually fit but I've been doing pretty well recently! You're always such a babe Charlotte - thank you! X

  2. Great outfit, and yes your legas are amazing ;D

  3. You pull off this outfit so well! I really need to invest in some sandals like that, but I can never wear that outfit as well as you. xx

    Christina /

    1. Thanks Christina! Trust me, they're life changing, you'd be surprised at just how well they look with just about everything X


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