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What To Do In London This Summer: Outdoor Cinema

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A couple of weeks ago Maria and I headed to Tooting Common for the annual Luna Outdoor Cinema which opens during the summer in various locations in London. Neither Maria nor I had ever been to an outdoor cinema but both really enjoyed our time here, the general vibe is really laid back and it definitely feels like summer (we were lucky that it was a clear summer's evening when we went). We started by choosing our seats, picking up our blankets and then set off to browse the food and drink options.

tooting common luna cinema
summer in london
pizza car london summer

We had around an hour to spare before the film began so we had a little wander around the area, hovering over the food stalls until we made our decisions on what to eat. I went for some pizza slices which were presented in a vintage car and Maria chose a pulled pork burger, both of which were so tasty.

peexo what to do in london summer in london

As the sun began to set we finally got back to our seats to enjoy the film, we watched Ferris Bueler's Day Off which is a classic I hadn't yet seen. It's the perfect way to spend a summer's evening in London!

luna outdoor cinema

Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema?


  1. Things like this are my favourite thing to do. I recently went to a rooftop cinema at the Queen Of Hoxton in Shoreditch. I really want to go to the luna cinema though. It looks so cool

    1. It's so cute! I had never been but had heard quite a lot about it so I was so excited about going - it was really lovely, such a nice escape. A rooftop cinema sounds amazing too! X

  2. Luna have an outdoor cinima near where I live in Essex and I would love to go. Looks like you had a lovely time xx

    1. They have so many locations - definitely one to try! X


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