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The Pink Shirt Dress

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The latest obsession of mine has to be the shirt dress, I've been lusting over so many I've seen on other bloggers and floating around on Pinterest so as soon as I spotted this dress in the new in section on ASOS I just knew it wouldn't be long until it was sitting at my doorstep (I just can't resist an ASOS order!) One thing I will say about this dress is that the colour is slightly off, it appears much lighter online but in real life it's definitely more of a dark shade of pink but that didn't stop me from falling for it.

Paired with simple accessories, a black bag and these incredible flatforms. I just love these shoes, I think they're a marmite piece but I'm so frickin' obsessed with them! Having said this, they are impossible to walk in! I thought flatforms were meant to be easier to walk in?! I'd choose heels over flatforms any day, I just genuinely don't get them but I can't tear myself away from these because they're just so gorgeous - even if I come close to breaking my ankle a billion times when wearing them.

Shirt dress - ASOS
Bag - (c/o) Marc b.
Flatforms - (c/o) New Look
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. Wonderful style. You look beautiful and sensational high-heeled shoes. Share your outfit on my blog.

  2. You look great in pink! This dress is perfect :) I'm surprised the shoes aren't as comfortable, I would have expected them to be better than heels.

    1. So did I but I think it could just be me being weird haha! I think it's because they're so flat but unsure really! Thank you Nikoletta, it's a colour I've been really loving surprisingly! X

  3. The shoes!! Fabulous outfit. Molly x

    1. Oh they're beautiful aren't they?! So hard to walk in though! X


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