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6 Reasons Why You Should Try Lash Extensions

6 reasons to try lash extensions

1. Long lashes all day, every day (at least for as long as they last)

By far my favourite thing about lash extensions; there's nothing better than knowing you'll be waking up in the morning with fluttery lashes. Albeit, the lashes won't last forever - unless you go for refills every few weeks - the 3-4 weeks that they do last are amazing.

2. Lasts around 3 weeks

Now obviously they don't last forever but they do last long enough in my opinion; I usually get lash extensions before I go away on holiday just so I don't have to worry about them while away. They begin to fall out after a week or two but I don't think it ever looks particularly bad.

3. No need for mascara

I struggle so much with mascara, I'm always trying new ones but rarely get the desired effect from just one. I don't even need to go near mascara with lash extensions. Usually I do use mascara on my bottom lashes but more often than not I can skip it altogether.

4. It takes half the time to get ready in the morning

I spend days not wearing any makeup at all, I simply feel naked without anything on my lashes so when I have extensions I know I don't need to worry about putting on makeup - I'm good to go.

5. Low maintenance

There really isn't much that needs doing, for my current lash extensions I was given a brush and told to brush through them daily which is all I do. You can gently wash them to keep them looking more natural but this is something I skip.

6. Confidence boost

For me, lashes are everything. I hate leaving the house with bare lashes so knowing I can wake up and leave the house when and if I need to really boosts my confidence.

Lashes in the above photo are by Nouveau Lashes. Have you ever had lash extensions? Tell me about your experience!

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