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Last Week In Portugal I...

vidago palace portugal


Last week was a bit of a weird one for me, I was hoping to get back into the swing of things but sadly that didn't happen, finger's crossed for it finally happening this week as I'm back in London soon and it honestly feels like I have nothing to share from my three weeks away! I had a couple of baptisms last week but not too many photos to share from those so instead I'll be sharing what I wore really soon!

For now, here are a few spots I visited this week, starting with Vidago Palace which I've been to two years in a row now. Having visited the hotel last year we went back this year for another look as it truly is a breathtaking place. Located in the North of Portugal in a small vila called Vidago the hotel sticks out like a sore thumb (but in a good way!) it's a 5 star hotel no less complete with wine cellars, spa, bar, caldas (hot water springs), a golf course and so much more. Unfortunately, it's not permitted to photograph too much inside but I did get a few shots and I'm sure you can see just how beautiful it is! I can only imagine what the rooms look like.

vidago palace portugal vidago palace

It's really hard to find cute spots in my area of Portugal as it's predominantly filled with locals and definitely not a tourist hotspot so when we found this gorgeous restaurant I fell head over heels! I got pretty snap-happy shooting just about everything too, I definitely want to go back for a few more photos as it's just so perfect.

portugal north
portugal rustic decor rustic decor portugal

Usually a villa used for baptisms, weddings and other events, when it's not booked it's the perfect secluded dinner spot - we were the only people there which made it even more special! The night started with a few drinks and nibbles outside.


From outside we watched the sun go down behind the mountains whilst we sipped on our drinks before heading inside for dinner. I absolutely loved it here and I definitely want to go back.

peexo blogger portugal travel


sunset portugal travel blogger
portugal blog

And finally, on Sunday we decided to venture further North to Miranda do Douro. I'm not going to lie, it was really hot and we were all pretty tired and feeling grumpy because of it (there's always a festa somewhere and we had been out until 3AM the night before) so we didn't get up to much other than grab a bite to eat and visit the Cathedral.

miranda do douro

In a last ditch attempt to make the 2 hour journey worthwhile we headed back down the mountain to the Rio Douro for a boat tour but they were sold out - just our luck!

rio douro portugal

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  1. What lovely pictures and I've always wanted to explore there so seeing pictures really makes me want to go.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |


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