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How The Basic Tee Has Been Transformed

how the basic tee has been transformed peexo
stripe Tshirt
high top converse casual summer outfit casual summer outfit monochrome
high top converse

I love a good Tshirt; the basic tee will always have its place in my wardrobe and more recently I have been buying so many. This one is the latest in my collection, with stripes and a cute little bunch of cherries on the upper right. This slouchy tee has been the perfect throw on wherever I'm going, paired with a high waisted pair of denim shorts for the ultimate lazy day outfit this summer. I really think the embroidered detail just transforms a Tshirt completely and I've been loving adding more and more to my collection.

I'm heading to Portugal tomorrow for three weeks! You can keep up with me and my travels via Twitter (@peexo), Snapchat (pee.xo) and Instagram (@peexo).

Tshirt - H&M
Shorts - ASOS
Hi Top Converse - ASOS
[Photos taken by Faith]


  1. Cutest striped tee ever! Love this look <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

    1. Thanks girl! I couldn't resist as soon as I saw the cherries - thank you! X

  2. Cute tee - I'm such a sucker for stripes and slogans on basic tee's!

    Toni x

    1. I'm the same! I don't have a single new Tshirt without a slogan or embroidered detailing, it's definitely 'a thing' right now! X

  3. I really love basic tees. The one you're wearing is so cute with the cherries. Great basic outfit.

    1. It's so great to have a good set of basics but for me, I always want to add something extra so am loving the cherry detail! X

  4. So Fashionable look,Beautiful dress,watch,shoes.

  5. Beautiful dress,shoes,watch,so fashionable.


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