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How To Get LFW Tickets

how to get LFW tickets

Draft an email

This saves so much time when sending out emails in bulk. You can simply copy and paste, changing a few names here and there, once you have the main content of your email it really helps out a lot.

In my email I include my website and Bloglovin' as well as my popular social media handles: Twitter and Instagram - these are probably the top two in my opinion but if you have another platform with a strong following e.g. Facebook or Pinterest then definitely include those too! Always share your strongest assets and make sure you include how many followers you have on those platforms so the PR is able to see all your stats in front of them. Also include your blog statistics so they're able to see your reach, as well as any previous show/fashion week coverage you have done in the past. If you skip this then it makes it much harder for a PR who is allocating tickets to choose you, as it's unlikely they'll have the time to search for your statistics, just make it clear in your email, that way they can skim through and decide straight away whether or not you'll be a good fit for their show.

Another important feature is your address, PR's won't chase you so you should make it as easy as possible for them to send you any invites. *Note* not all invites are sent in the post, you could receive an e-vite to shows and/or presentations especially if you're standing.

Email PR's

So now you've drafted your email, you can send it! There's always a press contact sheet on the London Fashion Week website which lists all the email addresses for ticket requests, so that all you need to do is email. Trust me, this can become so tedious but it's the only way to get tickets sent to your front door - dedicate an afternoon to this, grab a cuppa and get sending.

Email Sponsors

Now this isn't one that I have done too often as I don't have many contacts in the industry but if you do have the contact of a sponsor then get in touch with them, fashion week sponsors often have a number of tickets to give out too!


I don't mean tweet a specific brand your ticket request but more so just tweet about the fact you'll be at LFW this season or you're thinking of going. Use #LFW so others who are searching can see your tweets too, you'll probably find other bloggers going and you never know if a PR is looking too.

Be On The Lookout

This may sound a little weird out of context, but there are always competitions or brands who are looking for bloggers attending fashion week to get involved. A brand may have some tickets to giveaway or there may be a competition running around LFW. I know this is more about luck than anything else but if you're not confident about your stats or don't have the time (or if you're not a blogger but still interested in going) then try your luck, you never know!

 I hope you found this helpful and are looking forward to the start of LFW in a couple of weeks! Let me know if you'll be there, and if you have questions tweet me @peexo

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