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What's In My Shower This Summer?

portugal summer what's in my shower?

Frank Body, Coffee Scrub

I've been really loving exfoliators recently, pre-holiday I was using them to prep my skin for tanning (which FYI, simply hasn't happened) but I've kept the routine going during my holiday too. I loved using a coffee scrub in Crete so I decided to bring along another to Portugal for those days when I'm after something that leaves my skin feeling amazing - this does just that.

The Body Shop, Pinita Colada Body Scrub

I've raved about this range so much that I feel as though I shouldn't talk about it anymore but I just love it! The products smell divine and generally speaking, I tend to love The Body Shop products anyway so it didn't come as too much of a surprise. This leaves my skin feeling great, really soft and it's also done a pretty good job of preventing my skin from noticeably peeling during the day, and of course it smells amazing too!

Sanctuary Spa, Cooling Shower Drench

I'm not a major critic when it comes to shower gel but I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed with this, I expected it to feel instantly refreshing on the skin but in my opinion it doesn't really - it's just like any other shower gel. I love the consistency as it isn't too liquified but I'm not sure whether I'd repurchase on the grounds of it being cooling. Nonetheless, it does the job.

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Bumble and Bumble, Surf Shampoo

My hair is naturally very fine and straight so anything that promises to provide added volume and bounce to my hair is always something I'm willing to try. I wouldn't go as far as to say it gives me beachy waves but I wasn't expecting miracles; I am pretty pleased with it so far - I feel as though my hair is definitely more textured and easier to style - I usually hate freshly washed hair but when using this combo I really don't hate it at all!

Bumble and Bumble, Surf Conditioner

My favourite out of the two, for some reason I always tend to love conditioner more than I love shampoo but this one I particularly love. It's quite a thick formula and I can really tell it's being soaked up by my hair. I tend to brush through my hair with my fingers while conditioning and more often than not I think most of the product gets lost in between but with this conditioner I know it's coating my hair from root to tip.

Davines, SU Hair Milk

Davines isn't a brand I had heard of much in the past but recently it's been appearing much more in the blogosphere as a well loved product. I was so intrigued by the hair milk as it's targeted for sun-exposed hair, which is definitely the case currently as I've been spending a lot of time outside in over 30C heat almost daily. I don't use this every time I wash my hair as it's used as a conditioner for your hair rather than an extra step in your haircare routine, I've been reaching for it weekly and think my hair looks generally healthier and not as dry as it usually would on holiday.

what's in my shower? peexo

Which bath/shower products have you been using this summer?


  1. I'm dying to try out the frank body scrub! Think I'll definitely be trying it out in the future!

    Isobel x

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    1. So obsessed with coffee scrubs, the Frank Body one is really really good! X