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What To Do When You Can't Stop Wearing Denim

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As it isn't quite warm enough to ditch the denim completely I've been trying to wear different styles of denim; I've been choosing a light wash over black and other darker colours and not only that, I've been opting for different cuts and styles too.
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joe's jeans flares
As you know, I'm currently trying to beat my style rut and so far I've managed to incorporate bright pops of colour into my wardrobe and into my spring outfits - all made easier when the sun is shining - I'm particularly loving red and yellow at the moment but it's still been near enough impossible to rid myself of denim. As it isn't quite warm enough to ditch the denim, I've been trying to take things one step at a time and the next step for me is to wear different styles of denim; as much as I love my ASOS Farleigh jeans I know I wear them an awful lot! So, I've been choosing a light wash over black and other darker colours and not only that, I've been opting for different cuts and styles too.

Which leads me onto this pair of unconventional flares, from Joe's Jeans. I've always had a thing for flares although I don't think they're the most flattering, especially on me, as despite having long legs I have big hips which are usually accentuated when wearing flares but there's just something about them that I continue to love. This pair I particularly like because of their distressed finish, I think it's a really cool way to do flares plus, it means I can still show off my footwear too! Despite trying to add colour into my wardrobe I couldn't help but wear a black hoodie and leather jacket, let's say it was a reflection of the weather that day. Having said that, this leather jacket carries a definite nod to spring with the floral back and you know what they say, every little helps right?


Leather jacket - (c/o) Joe's Jeans
Distressed hoodie - (c/o) Joe's Jeans
Flared jeans - (c/o) Joe's Jeans
Studded ankle boots - Missguided
[Photos taken by Faith]

This post is sponsored by Joe's Jeans. All thoughts and writing my own, read my full disclaimer here.


  1. this outfit is so nice,I love how you combined the hoodie with heels and these jeans,xo

    1. It's such a laid back look, I think the boots could easily be swapped for a pair of trainers which would make it even more laid back! X

  2. Ah I think the flairs are really flattering on you, you look fab! xx

    1. Thanks Eloise, they're great at elongating your legs and there's just something about this style that I can't help but love! Thank you for your kind words X

  3. I think you look amazing in the flares! I love denim and I even find an excuse to wear it in the summer! I just love the versatility but I do feel like I get stuck in a rut with it too!

    Becca xx

    1. Oh thank you! I think it's happening to everybody at the moment, denim is just so hard to resist. I'm doing my very best to snap out of it for spring although the weather isn't helping at all! X

  4. Perfect click, Lovely outfit!
    Loved them :)