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The Transitional Trench Coat

peexo london street style blogger trench coat transitional spring
The trench coat: an essential in everybody's spring wardrobe. Sadly, the start of spring has welcomed spring showers but I guess that's somewhat expected, particularly in the UK. It's meant I've been going back and forth between my winter and spring picks with no inbetween.
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peexo london street style blogger trench coat
A trench coat is a spring essential and the thing I love the most about it is its versatility, yes I would rather only be wearing it as a layering piece over Tshirt outfits but the weather at the moment hasn't been permitting. So instead - in a bid to make it feel like spring even though it doesn't look like it at the moment - I've been using my trench coat as a winter to spring transitional piece. Firstly, lets talk about this trench because it's pretty incredible; at only £39.99 it's pretty reasonably priced too, yet another major win for New Look!

I paired it with a chunky jumper underneath because as I said, it may officially be spring but it feels far from it, I went for a camel coloured roll neck jumper from Missguided which I wasn't too sure about at first because both colours are so similar but I quite like how the two blend together so seamlessly. Weather permitting I will eventually stop wearing jeans (I hope) but the best I can do whilst it remains cold is to ditch my mom jeans for other alternatives and here I've picked out a pair of light blue wash jeans, ripped at the knees from Dorothy Perkins. I haven't worn ripped jeans in what feels like forever but I quite like this pair, I feel like it makes denim a little more interesting especially as it starts to get warmer. Finally, I went for my hi top converse which I've had for little under a year now and rarely wear but for some reason I've been picking those out a lot more recently.


Roll neck jumper - Missguided
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. I find trench coats are the perfect spring jacket!

    Petite Side of Style

    1. Me too Joanne! They're a great layering piece for this time of year X

  2. Your New Look trench coat looks classy. I like the colour of the Missguided roll neck jumper you styled with it as well as the look of your white Converse trainers. It's nice owning an outfit piece that's so simultaneously practical and versatile, wearable in varied weather and for varied occasions.

  3. Lovely outfit! Rocking it girl xx

    Elle du Jour xxx