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How I Balance University and Blogging

For years I've been working on both my blog and my university degree side by side, it's been challenging but it's something I'm so proud of.
Three years ago I began blogging, add a few months onto that and that's how long I've been at university working towards completing my degree in French Studies and Business Administration. Whenever people ask me what I'm studying at university I always get the surprised look because I guess there isn't really much of a link between what I blog about and my chosen degree. Before I began blogging I was somewhat uncertain about what I wanted to do in the real world, unsure about what my real job would be and just generally unsure about the path ahead but I always knew I wanted to go to uni. Ever since starting university and launching my blog, I've been balancing the two side by side. Now in my final year of university, I'm sharing new blog posts three times a week, working on so many exciting campaigns and filming weekly videos all whilst balancing my studies and working towards my final deadlines (how is next week my last week of lectures ever?!) and you know when you take a step back and think wow, I've done all of that.

When I look back on my journey over the past few years I can see just how amazing this adventure has been; I went from blogging twice a week in my first year of university, then increasing to three posts a week throughout my second year, my third year was the trickiest as I moved to France for my year abroad but somehow still managed to stay on top of things. At one point I was uploading new blog posts 5 days a week - which I personally found the most rewarding and it's definitely what I want to strive towards achieving again once things settle down - I also started my YouTube channel which has been a little less consistent than my blogging has but at the moment I'm uploading videos weekly! Don't get me wrong, at times it's been really really hard. Sometimes it all gets too much, this next week being one of them, I have so many deadlines coming up but I know it's the final push and soon it'll all be over but I also want to keep up with the blogosphere which is evolving so rapidly. I often have to miss events because I'm at university or I miss out on university life because I want to be in London for events. I've found what's important is having the right balance between the two. 

All the jewellery I'm wearing in this post is from PANDORA which is a brand I'm so proud to be working with and it goes to show, hard work really does pay off. I've spoken about how important my education has been to me and it's incredible to find out that the brand also works tirelessly to educate and train all their employees in Thailand. I'm wearing a variety of rings, the signature open bangle, a charm bracelet kitted out with beautiful charms and stud earrings - all of which are hand-finished in the PANDORA factories.
pandora ss17 campaign peexo
Jewellery I'm wearing: stud earrings // radiant elegance ring // forever joined ring // hearts of PANDORA ring // ring of daisies // radiant elegance rose gold ring // signature open bangle // charm bracelet // radiant droplet charm // dazzling daisy meadow charm // poetic blooms clip // gold essence bracelet // balance mosaic charm

I uploaded a photo on Instagram a couple of weeks ago where I shared a snippet of my story and the comments were so lovely to read through, I felt like we were all empowering each other and it was heartwarming to go through them but at the same time it made me think why don't we share our success stories more often? We live in a society where sharing our success can be confused for boasting when in actual fact, it's good to be proud of you've done, it's good to look back at what you have achieved and to feel good about it!


Top - (c/o) New Look (similar)
Jeans - ASOS
Converse - Office
[Photos taken by Maria]

This post is sponsored by PANDORA. All writing and thoughts are my own, read my full disclaimer here.


  1. Absolutely love this so much I am going to post it on my Instagram when I'm done commenting!!!!! My dream is actually to go to London and study there..... a dream alright! Lol but I just want to focus on Library Studies and then figure things out after that. I feel inspired with my blog now seeing this..... people DO want to hear advice and tips on how to balance between work life, school, and whatever else they do, so, excellent post.

    1. That's incredible! Always work towards fulfilling your dreams, hopefully one day you will. I completely agree, I find it somewhat therapeutic and it's so great to hear such lovely feedback from people like you! Thank you so much for reading and best of luck with your future studies X

  2. I've actually struggled to keep on top of everything, stopped blogging for a while and when that happened my education just went down hill. Have no idea how that all links together but I've started blogging again since in a way it keeps me organised with everything else. One day I want to study in London and I'm going to do my best to get there :)

    1. That's actually so interesting, it seems unlikely that the two go hand-in-hand but I guess they somehow do for you. I definitely agree with that, I feel like I need to be much more organised to keep a good balance between education and blogging X