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Sharing Items That Are Sold Out: Thoughts?

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I always wonder whether or not it's worth posting outfits where none of the items are available to buy anymore, sometimes I feel like it ends up defeating the purpose of blogging - when an item is no longer available, old or sold out it makes it near enough impossible to add to your wardrobe.
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I've had these photos sitting in a folder on my laptop for quite a while, I'm surprised I hadn't shared them sooner! I always wonder whether or not it's worth posting outfits where none of the items are available to buy anymore - I mean, I personally love visiting blogs and finding pieces I absolutely adore and when I do, I instantly want to make them my own but when an item is no longer available, old or sold out it makes it near enough impossible to add to your wardrobe. With that said, I know a lot of people use blogs as a source of inspiration as opposed to a tool for creating a wishlist. I'd be really interested in hearing why you visit my blog; whether it's to see what I'm wearing and find out where certain items are from or, if it's more so a source of outfit inspiration.

I'll share my outfit details with you nonetheless, in the hope that you'll still be interested in hearing a little bit about it. Firstly, touching on my camel coat which was last year's favourite! This was the first time I wore it this winter actually, I think I wore it so much last year that by the time this winter came around I was still full of it (in the nicest way possible) it's a beautiful coat and I think Boohoo know that because despite it being from last season, it's still in stock online! I wanted to stick to a neutral colour palette, similarly to my LFW day 1 look, so I wore one of my sale purchases from Marks and Spencer which is one of those brands I'm never quite sure about but whenever I pop in there's always something that catches my eye; this time it was a leopard print jumper so of course I couldn't find any excuse not to pick it up, especially in the sale. I went for Farleigh jeans, surprise surprise and some tan ankle boots from Next. My bag of choice was my nude bucket bag from Zara but I don't actually like how it looks with this outfit, this could be down to the editing of these photos - I brighten and up the highlight of my photos before uploading - which could have changed the colours ever so slightly but I think it's a bit too light and sticks out like a sore thumb!


Leopard print jumper - M&S
Tan boots - (c/o) Next
Bucket bag - Zara
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. Love this long coat! Very stylish! :)

    Sincerely Miss J
    (check out my giveaway!)

    1. It was my absolute favourite from last winter! X

  2. Love that coat, the colour works so well with darker items - I wish I was taller so I could wear a long coat without looking ridiculous, you look so elegant in them.
    I began reading your blog (I really can’t remember how I discovered you) as I loved your taste and how you styled outfits rather than looking for things to buy. Now, a couple of years later, I feel I’ve connected with you so I check out every post to find out what's happening in your life as well as getting quality fashion advice.
    Take care, love Pixie xxx

    1. I agree, I think all the neutral tones worked really well together (just not so keen on how the bucket bag to be honest) My height definitely makes it easier to style longline coats but I also think ankle boots make all the difference too!
      Thank you so much for letting me know Pixie, I'm so interested in hearing why and what interests you the most about my blog. Thank you for coming back, means a lot :) X

  3. I personally love to visit your blog to see your style of outfits and what your writing about them, especially now that your putting more effort into writing as I love it when you write more about your outfits and what you love etc.

    Isobel x

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    1. My written content was definitely something I wanted to work towards as I sort of fell out of love with writing and stopped sharing as much which I think made everything seem less personal to me. I'm so pleased to hear you're enjoying my posts! X

  4. I hadn't noticed the colour of the bag until you pointed it out! I don't think it sticks out at all, but something in the same shade of your boots might have looked a bit more matchy, if that makes sense.

    I follow blogs for a mixture of inspiration and to find current items. It depends on the blog. I'm more likely to buy something you're wearing as it's in my price range, compared to other bloggers I follow who are designer all the way. On the other hand - I'm a plump 5'4 so I could never wear the same outfits as you, but I might go in search of a particular pair of shoes or a jacket that catches my eye for example.

    1. I definitely look into it more, especially after editing the images - I completely agree, a tan coloured bag would have worked much better. That's super interesting to read! I'd say I'm the same, I go for a mix when I visit blogs (but I do love curating a wishlist from blogs I love). Really useful info so thank you so much for taking the time to comment! X