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My Capsule Travel Wardrobe: A Weekend Abroad

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With only a carry on case I knew I had limit my picks but I was also aware of the fact that I wanted to create a lot of content around this break so I needed options. Today I'm sharing my travel wardrobe, that is, what I packed with me for the weekend away.

Following on from my last post from Italy, today I'm talking outfits. You can see every outfit I wore in my outfit diary video which went up on my YouTube channel yesterday (if you're not subscribed to my channel then please please do, it really means a lot!)
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Faux fur jacket - Lipsy (similar) // Scarf - Accessorize (similar) // Top - Topshop // Crossbody bag - (c/o) Carvela via Shoeaholics // Mom jeans - ASOS

Trench coat - (c/o) New Look // Jumper - Forever 21 // Crossbody bag - (c/o) Carvela via Shoeaholics // Jeans - (c/o) Paige // Leopard print boots - Topshop
peexo style blogger italy travel
Trench coat - (c/o) New Look // Jumper - Forever 21 // Crossbody bag - (c/o) Carvela via Shoeaholics // Jeans - (c/o) Paige // Leopard print boots - Topshop
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Mom jeans - ASOS // Nike thea's - Office
peexo travel blogger italy
Faux fur jacket - Lipsy (similar) // Top - Topshop // Mom jeans - ASOS // Nike thea's - Office // Crossbody bag - (c/o) Carvela via Shoeaholics
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Faux fur jacket - Lipsy (similar) // Stripe top - Saint James // Mom jeans - ASOS // Leopard print boots - Topshop

I love ankle boots and had to really convince myself not to take more than one pair, making that choice was much harder than I had expected but I decided to pick out my lowest and therefore comfiest boots: making my first choice leopard print boots from Topshop. My second choice was a pair of trainers, the newest in my collection, these are from Nike and are part of the desert premium range. Funnily enough, these ended up rubbing against the back of my foot and causing quite a lot of pain, it wasn't enough to create blisters but it was more than enough to make me not want to wear them anymore so for the final couple of days I ended up choosing ankle boots over trainers!

The hardest choice for me was choosing tops, every other piece of clothing can be re-worn (ok, ok, tops can be re-worn too of course but on a weekend away - and with a personal style Instagram page to run - the easiest piece to change is a top). I wanted to take a good variety that would be suitable for both rain or shine, which came in handy as it did both over the weekend! My first choice was a jumper, I picked out a cream cable knit from Forever 21 because it would go with anything. My other picks were lightweight pieces starting with a plain black top because again, it would go with anything, I also took a striped top and floral shirt (which I didn't end up wearing).

I only took jeans with me because I knew I wouldn't want to faff about with skirts and tights, especially because I only had a weekend to explore Italy and being comfortable was key. We had nothing fancy planned so I simply packed casual-wear. I took two pairs of ASOS Farleigh jeans because they're just my favourite, I think they're super flattering on my body shape and they just work really well with whatever I'm wearing. Despite this, I didn't want to always wear Farleigh's so I also took along a pair of skinny jeans from Paige which are new in my collection (and at £200+ they're not cheap but I really love them!)

I didn't have much in terms of accessories, I took a pink scarf with me for the evenings and for colder mornings and my bag of choice was a crossbody bag from Carvela which I got from Shoeaholics. It's amaaaaaaazing! I honestly can't get enough of it, it's become my bag of choice - daily. It was perfect for the flight, I had my tickets, passport and other important things on me at all times but it was small enough to put into my suitcase should I need to; I flew with Easyjet who have rubbish restrictions when travelling with hand luggage only.

Finally, I had the dilemma of outerwear. It's not quite warm enough to not wear any coats or jackets and I didn't want to be wearing the same over and over so I decided to do a bit of mix and matching; for travelling, I wore my faux fur jacket which I can't seem to get enough of (I don't think I ever will if I'm honest) and in my suitcase I packed a lightweight trench coat which is a great transitional piece, I think it works really well over a jumper so is a great pick to carry you into spring.


And that's that, let me know what your suitcase essentials are when travelling! I never really need to pack light (I rarely do weekends away) so packing lightly was new to me.


  1. So many gorgeous pieces! I always love your fashion posts. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thank you Jessie! They're always my favourite to put together X

  2. I really like your blog! I'm a big fan of capsule wardrobes. What about evening wear or day to night outfits you wore on your trip?

    1. Thanks! Mine is definitely not a capsule wardrobe so I thought it would be nice to share my picks when travelling. We didn't do anything in particular in the evenings so this was literally all I took away with me! Should another trip come up with evening outfits then I'll definitely work on that idea so thank you! X