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An Unexpected Trip

douro valley portugal summer peexo travel blogger
As the end of this year's break in Portugal approached, we did our best to fit in some more exploring before we had to pack our bags to head back to reality. A car drive following the Rio Tua led us to Foz do Tua; smaller than a village, the hamlet housed a train station, café, some houses and little else. We stuck around for a while to do some exploring and grab a drink, and then, a coal train pulled in.
peexo portugal summer travel
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douro valley portugal summerpeexo travel bloggercoal train foz do tua portugal peexo travel blogcoal train peexo travel blog
After coming across Foz do Tua by chance we were so lucky to be there when a coal train pulled in filled with tourists who had taken the route surrounding the Rio Tua/Douro. The Douro Valley is really well known in Portugal for its vineyards and it's such a beautiful sight so we were pretty impressed with what we had seen so far but when this coal train pulled in we were even more pleased with what we had stumbled across. I really can't say much about it other than it was really cool to see, and pretty fun to just be there, as the front of the train detached from the carriages to re-fill with water. Meanwhile, tourists stopped off at the local cafés for a drink and I hopped on for a photo of course (yep, that's the truth behind the Instagram!) Moments later, the train was re-attached and off it went as we waved goodbye to total strangers.

I wore a really casual outfit as this was towards the end of my holiday, so I had sort of worn all the outfits I wanted to wear and I was just going for what looked pretty and was easy to wear - this New Look dress fit the bill perfectly and it's now in the New Look sale at £10 only! As it's so ridiculously low priced, it means few sizes are left online but if your size is still in stock then it's worth snapping up! It's also available in yellow (yellow version here) and light blue (blue version here) both of which are also in the sale. I paired my little white dress with a pair of brown tassel sandals from Dune which are at least a year old now but still available to buy and in my opinion, that's when you know they were a good buy!

My necklaces are the two I've been wearing constantly, a small gold pendant from Thomas Sabo and another from Chupi. I think I've ended every single post with the same sentence but I promise I'm working on a blog post about the jewellery I've been wearing this summer. Here's hoping you'll see that really soon; you can follow my blog on bloglovin' by the way, that way you'll never miss a post.



  1. I love the outfit, the photos are really good as well and glasses suits you! Looking lovely.

    1. I wear glasses all the time believe it or not! Just rarely in my photos, it's a strange habit! X

  2. Such beautiful pictures - I really love the vintage train vibe.

    1. So cool isn't it? There's a new train line opening soon (or should I say an old train line being renovated) so there will be one in the city where I'm from in Portugal and I basically can't wait! X

  3. Very nice summery dress and photos! Can't wait to visit Portugal one day :)