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How To Make The Most of Wherever You Are

making the most of wherever you are
This summer I vowed to make the most of being in a different country and different location. I've struggled with making my holidays look idyllic in the past (reality dictates that not everything is as incredible as it looks online) but I've tried to make that feel different this time around by making the most of where I am.
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It's pretty simple really, embrace it.

I've pretty much spent years trying to make my town in Portugal seem like something it isn't, trying to hide the fact I spend my summer in the Portuguese countryside as opposed to the Portuguese beaches. So this year I embraced it, there's been a whole lot of more greenery on my Instagram feed and blog (which I usually steer clear of!) and the white houses in South Kensington have been replaced with fields and cobbled village streets.

It can be really difficult to create some sort of consistency with blogging, I haven't quite mastered how to make everything fit seamlessly on my blog whether that be incorporating different topics or just sticking to a particular aesthetic (like the white houses in South Kensington) and I think that's partially the issue. The constant need to fit a particular aesthetic, look a certain way, take photos in a consistent manner can be damaging especially if you let your space on the internet dictate your life.

These photos were all taken on a whim after we decided to take the buggy out for a spin around the village at sunset. We stopped by a pumpkin patch, which had some incredibly large pumpkins and I of course took my Cinderella shot sitting on my pumpkin-soon-to-be-horse-and-carriage. I wore a midi dress I bought last year from New Look and is now sold out but I've found a few similar ones which I've linked below, and some sliders from Boden which are sooo comfy!


Midi dress - New Look (old)
Sliders - (c/o) Boden


  1. I love the countryside and try and be as creative as I can with shoots down country lanes and canal sides. You look beautiful in these shots and these pictures are very nice and editorial like!

    Isobel x

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    1. That's exactly it! Wherever you are it's super important to be creative X