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An Evening In The Desert

Dubai - United Arab Emirates
peexo travel blogger desert dubai
 Going to the desert was something I desperately wanted to do whilst in Dubai, it's something so surreal yet we missed out on the experience during our first trip to Dubai back in 2014 and I wished we had been. So this time around it simply couldn't go a-miss. And so, one evening we set off from our hotel for a desert adventure.
peexo desert adventure dubaidubai desert oryx
As we drove in to the desert, about a 40 minute drive from the Dubai city centre, we were greeted by some of the wildlife surviving in the desert. There were herds of oryxes, native to the Arabian Peninsula, sheltering from the heat besides the few trees that reside in the desert. 

We drove past the herds and made our way to a large and open area where we watched a falcon show presented by a guy from South Africa which was pretty cool. We were told some information about falcons and treated to a show where the falcon would search for its prey (which its trainer conveniently had on hand, of course) reaching crazy speeds whilst gliding through the sky,

falcon show dubai desertdubai desert fashion blogger peexo
peexo travel blogger dubai desert
From there, it was time for dune driving, and to keep it short, I hated it. It just wasn't for me if I'm being completely honest, it was too fast, too bumpy and when it was finally over I ended up feeling pretty worse for wear. My cousins on the other hand, really loved it and I think it was their screeches of laughter that prompted our driver to go bigger every time which didn't help how I was feeling.
dubai desert dune driving peexo travel bloggertravel dune driving dubaipeexo dubai desert
Feeling a little (very) vulnerable by the time we had pulled over onto a quiet part of the desert - not that the desert is ever that busy but there are areas reserved for a multitude of tourists - my auntie and uncle managed to convince me to get out of the car and we took a few photos as the sun began setting. I wish I had taken more but I just wasn't feeling myself, it took me about an hour to stop feeling light-headed and like I was going to throw up over everyone.
peexo fashion blogger travel dubai desertsunset dubai desertmaxi dress dubai florals
dorothy perkins dubai desertpeexo dubai desert maxi floral dress
floral maxi dress dorothy perkins
I wore a floral maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins which I had reserved for the desert. I had an idea of the imagery I wanted to create in the desert and although it didn't exactly go to plan, I still give props to my auntie for taking these photos despite the lack of interest from myself (all I wanted to do was get back into the car and close my eyes!)


camel ride dubai desert
A camel ride later and we were at our final spot; the evening ended with a private dinner in the desert with traditional Arabic dishes. This was my favourite part of the whole evening, we had a private area which was so perfect. As expected, the desert was incredibly quiet which was so peaceful, we just sat and ate and then ended the night gazing into the night sky, watching the stars as they glistened.
sunset dinner dubai desertdubai desert dinner


  1. Amazing post! I'm loving the maxi dress and baby blue looks good on you! Beautiful photos, the private area for dinner looks really lovely.

    Elena Jackson

  2. Thanks Elena! It was a really wonderful experience X