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 I never steer too far from my beloved jeans, I'd say the most experimental I get is trying new styles (which I'm always open to) but I when it comes to bottoms it's either jeans or no jeans - meaning I instead opt for a dress, skirt, shorts etc. not stepping out in my underwear to avoid any confusion! However, as part of my January style challenge I thought I may as well attempt to step out of my comfort zone and I included a pair of pinstripe trousers in my capsule wardrobe which have been a revelation.

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These pinstripe trousers are from Pretty Little Thing, an unconventional colour match being navy and green but one I bloody love! I initially found these on ASOS as I don't usually shop on Pretty Little Thing but once I tried these on and fell in love with the fit, I had a browse on their website where I found that these trousers were down to £18 in the sale! It's frustrating when you find a branded item on ASOS that is actually cheaper on the original website, I would recommend always checking the brand beforehand as you may get a better deal direct! Naturally, I ended up returning the pair I had bought on ASOS and bagged myself a bargain on PLT.

I've attempted to style them in a couple of ways so far, firstly casually which I don't think suited me at all although I will keep trying, and secondly, in what I would call my usual style, basically swapping an outfit I would usually pair with jeans for trousers.
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This outfit pretty much consists of my favourites and pieces that I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of this month! Yesterday was quite a mild winter's day, the sun was shining and it wasn't too cold so a roll neck was suitable for during the day. I chose a dark grey roll neck from New Look as I didn't want to go too colour crazy (not sure I'm ready to go so bold with my trousers just yet!) and my faux fur for added sass. Sadly this style and colour is now out of stock but it was from Monsoon and just so bloody gorgeous! One of my best coat acquisitions last year for sure. I haven't found any similar though which is a shame but I'll keep looking - let me know if you find similar in the meantime!
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So far I'm loving having a capsule wardrobe, I already think I've been so much more experimental with my style which I love but I'm worried about hitting a brick wall in terms of my creativity really soon. Here's hoping that won't be for a few weeks though!


[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. They really suit you! I love how you've matched the stripes with the coat!

    x Mariya

    1. They're literally the perfect match right?! I'm excited to continue styling them for sure X

  2. This outfit is perfect! I'm scared about moving away from my trusty jeans but you've really inspired me! x

    1. Oh believe me so was I (in my capsule wardrobe I have 4x pairs of jeans!) but I wanted to try and challenge myself so I felt like owning a pair and putting them in my capsule wardrobe was a good start. I think I hit the jackpot with these, they're such a great fit and so flattering! X

  3. Omg I want these trousers! They’d be so nice for work! Love the fit and the style of them! Love how you’ve styled this and challenged yourself girl!

    Isobel x

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    1. Yess! You should 100% bag them, they're at such a good price in the sale Xx