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Capsule Wardrobe Final Thoughts

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Finito! My January style challenge has come to an end. Life with a capsule wardrobe wasn't so bad, I'm genuinely proud of myself for completing the month with only a few moments of not complying (work duties!) but I'm also so pleased it's over. January has felt like the longest of months and this reflected on my capsule wardrobe completely - I got pretty bored by the end of it! I'm really excited about opening up my whole wardrobe again and just being able to introduce more variety into my blog, YouTube, Instagram - basically everywhere!
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In my opinion the most important thing about a capsule wardrobe is the planning. I spent ages working on an outline of what I wanted to include in my capsule wardrobe and I really think that is key. Of course there are some pieces I probably wouldn't have picked in hindsight and others that I'm so pleased that I did but overall I would say I had a pretty good mix when it came to my options and that was purely down to the planning beforehand.

Check out my post about creating a capsule wardrobe here.

Whilst I think it's relatively easy to live with a capsule wardrobe, I'm not sure whether I would do it again or at least probably not in the near future at least! Honestly, I've missed having my whole wardrobe to sift through! I've sort of ended up feeling restricted with my options and bored with what I could create (I'm pretty certain that by the end of the month I had exhausted all of my mix and match options). When it comes to being creative, I'm in two minds over it because on one hand it was great to help me think outside of the box and experiment with layering and what I paired with what but I also got to a point - particularly towards the end of the month - where I was just so bored of everything and felt completely uninspired.
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Anyway, now that it's all over I'm filming a final thoughts video which I'll be sharing tomorrow on my YouTube channel so if you have any last minute questions then do let me know as I'm more than happy to answer any underlying questions whilst trying to address everything I can think of.

For now, all that's left to say is that my shopping habits have remained the same (imagine that - I continued buying things despite knowing that I wouldn't be able to actually wear them until the end of the month!) I've had a couple of bags filled to the brim with new pieces sitting in my corridor for me to go through and admittedly I'm feeling quite overwhelmed by it. I'm currently too scared to look through the entirety of my wardrobe again although equally as excited to wear something new!

peexo capsule wardrobe final thoughtscapsule wardrobe final thoughts peexo

After I get over the initial phase of "OMG I love all my clothes so much I won't ever leave you again" a wardrobe clearout is without a doubt on the cards. I've learnt that less is more and I'm certain I can cut down on what I have in my wardrobe at the moment.


Reversible shearling coat - (c/o) Miss Selfridge
Roll neck - New Look
Skinny jeans - BDG via Urban Outfitters
Converse - (c/o) USC
[Photos taken by Maria]

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