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A Girls Night

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A night in with the girls - a night in with an amazing group of bloggers - really inspired me to think about us bloggers, the women in this industry and what we have all, as a collective, created online for ourselves. Whilst what you see on the surface may appear to be solely superficial - yet another photo of her outfit, there she is again pretending to apply lipstick whilst lounging in her bathrobe - there is so much more to it. Recently there has been a lot of talk surrounding a few key questions including: what are blogs? What should bloggers be sharing, or striving to promote?

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Small gestures like showing support for one another through #followfriday's on Instagram, commenting on each other's work whether that be on blogs, Instagram photos or YouTube videos all play a part in sharing our support. I think we all really come together in the blogosphere and it's an industry where we truly thrive in the *online* company of each other.

During my stay at the gorgeous Mondrian London hotel with a fab group of ladies, it got me thinking about the blogosphere what it was, what it is and what it will become. I really think the blogging world in particular is an amazing industry for women. Whilst there is good and bad, after all there always is, I think us ladies really come together and have each other's back. 

There is no single purpose of a blog, in my opinion, this is solely down to the creator and for me, personally, my blog is like an escape from reality. I like to almost switch off from the world and talk about my outfit or the new lipstick I just picked up and love. It's amazing that we can all support each other in doing what we love, talking about our passions but also coming together on other important matters shared across social media.
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And with that, I feel like I should let you in on the amazing night the team at the Mondrian treated us to! A fabulous night of drinks and nibbles at the Rumpus Room, a rooftop bar in the Mondrian hotel with a gorgeous view of London's Southbank and a pretty epic mirrored photo booth, and then a screening of Mean Girls at the Curzon cinema also housed in the Mondrian (you literally have everything you could ever want or need in this hotel!) We chatted, ate, drank and settled down to watch a film with popcorn and a drink - it was the loveliest of evenings and really inspired me to think about us girls.
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All that was left was waking up to the riverside view the morning after, watching the hustle and bustle of Londoners on a weekday morning travelling to work whilst peering through the window in my bathrobe.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely evening, I think blogs have a huge importance nowadays and it's important not to just write them off as frivolous
    Maddy, x