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Do I Need a Schedule To Get Sh*t Done?

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I'm doing this thing where I try not to be too hard on myself when it comes to my content; last night, after spending the day shooting, I remembered that Wednesday is blog post day and I was ready to start scrambling down my thoughts into a blog post at 11pm which would mean I would be up until the early hours to have a post scheduled for 9am. I decided not to do that and instead put more time and energy into creating this blog post in the morning. I forgot.
midi dress layering winter peexo style london

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So here we are, a few hours later and I'm finally putting together this blog post. Admittedly, I only actually remembered because I got a notification to post a photo on Instagram and the photo I had scheduled was one promoting this blog post... which hadn't yet been written! So you'll be seeing both my blog post and Instagram image later than I had planned.

Which led me to thinking how much I rely on a schedule to get sh*t done.

There's no other way around it, there's something about the pressure of having to create and schedule content for a certain day or time that makes me work my ass off to get it done. It's such a strange concept as I truly hate being in stressful situations and take this blog post scenario as an example, if I were being hard on myself I would have stayed up until 1 or 2am, however long it would take me to complete this, just to be certain that this would go live as planned.

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fashion blogger peexo london
I'm undecided as to whether it's a good or bad thing. I don't think putting yourself under stress is good but I also don't think it's good to allow yourself to get lazy. This is particularly important when freelancing because your work and how well you do is determined by you and you alone, your hard work and your dedication.

I find that I strive when under pressure and without it I get lazy.

I'd love to know what you think, do you strive under pressure? Or do you think there needs to be a healthy work-life balance which can just take time to achieve?
midi dress style london 70s layering peexo
I couldn't bring this post to a close without talking about this dress though. I bought it in the Urban Outfitters sale and I'm so pleased that I did, it's a bit out of my comfort zone but I fell in love with the colours and polka dots too! I've styled it in a couple of different ways already and I'm really pleased I included it in my capsule wardrobe - it's been really great to wear for any dinners or evening events but equally as great to wear casually like I have here.

It's styled quite similarly on the Urban Outfitters website so I really wanted to re-create the look myself by layering a roll neck underneath. It screams 70's but I kind of like that, and it means I can wear this dress whilst it's still cold outside. Personally, I wouldn't pair a midi dress with tights so I have the whole bare legs thing going on but with some ankle boots I think it's the perfect pairing.
layering peexo style london
Do let me know your thoughts below!


[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. I find that when I make a schedule, I never stick to it! Im always spending more time making the schedule than actually doing it!
    Cloe X

    1. It's such a tricky one isn't it? I love making a schedule but sometimes can't stick to it either but when I don't have a schedule I struggle to find the motivation to work! It's like a vicious circle X

  2. I actually work best under pressure, but I absolutely HAVE to have a schedule in place. I work out my day down to the minute which can sometimes be a pain haha! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. I think I'm the same, when a deadline is looming it's when I work the hardest (which just doesn't make any sense really!) X

  3. I tend to work best under pressure but then again if I've planned a post and don't have the time, I reschedule it for the next day. If I push myself to write it, it will seem rushed and I don't want that. I want to have a fresh head and mind, and deliver that through the post. I think you did the right thing!

    x Mariya

    1. I think the issue I have is finding the time to actually settle down with my thoughts. If I don't give myself a set schedule then I know it's unlikely I will find the time to sit down and get some work done - it's a strange concept really! X

  4. Love this post, I definitely never get anything done without a schedule!

    Maddy, x

    1. Thank you Maddy! I'm quite surprised by how many of us agree on needing a schedule, it must be the pressure/deadline that gets us in to gear! X