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Creating a 30-Piece Capsule Wardrobe

january style challenge 30 piece capsule wardrobe peexo
I've had a slow start to the month, and year, but despite feeling like I've been somewhat absent over the past few weeks I wanted to come back and do something a little bit different. And so this month I have set myself a style challenge, which I am so aptly calling my January Style Challenge where I have chosen 30 pieces to make up a capsule wardrobe for the month. I am both excited about it but equally worried about how the month will pan out and whether or not I'll make it to the end of January loving the pieces I've picked or loathing them.

I found curating a temporary wardrobe of only 30 pieces incredibly hard, I've literally spent the past week trying to perfect it and there are still a couple of pieces I'm not 100% certain on. I've given myself until Tuesday to fully decide on all pieces but everything I've worn this month so far has made it into my capsule wardrobe, so there hasn't been any cheating I can assure you!

 Before embarking on this style challenge, I wrote many lists consisting of the basics that I wanted to include. My list began as an outline of how many of each category I wanted to include (6 jumpers, 3 jeans etc.) and then a list of the individual items I wanted to wear throughout the month and finally had a complete turnaround when I first opened up my wardrobe filled to the brim and all of my previous list-making went out of the window.

Winter is a hard time to create a capsule wardrobe because you just need so. many. layers.

Despite calling this a challenge, I am only doing it for one month, that's 31 days with 30 pieces, which I don't think is as big of a challenge as curating a capsule wardrobe for a whole season would be! For that reason, I've decided to include literally every single piece of clothing as well as outerwear, footwear and accessories within my chosen 30 pieces. The only things I'm not including are jewellery, loungewear (because how often do you see me in loungewear anyway?!) and underwear because hygiene obvs.
I will be sharing my completed capsule wardrobe in a video on my YouTube channel this week - subscribe here if you aren't yet - so I don't want my content to overlap too much, seeing as this month may end up being somewhat repetitive with the same 30 pieces on repeat! For an overview of all the pieces keep an eye out for my upcoming video and I'm sure you'll be seeing more of them as the month goes on on my blog and on my Instagram too.

I'm looking forward to this month and trying to create various outfits with the same pieces, it's so easy to just wear a new top or put on a new pair of jeans but re-wearing and re-styling can be a lot harder. When I find an outfit I love I often end up re-wearing it time and time again but I hope that doesn't happen this month otherwise I, and probably you, will get very bored very quickly!

I hope you're looking forward to seeing my January Style Challenge as much as I am. Don't forget you can join me on Instagram (@peexo) for my daily outfits and on YouTube (peexo vlogs) for videos!

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