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Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is just around the corner, December 2nd, so I thought I'd put together a birthday wishlist; here's what I'm lusting over...

Seche vite nail varnish, Feel Unique : I've heard so many people rave about this product and I constantly smudge my nails as I hurry out of the house with freshly painted nails. I'm hoping this will put an end to the struggle!

Fluffy heels, Missguided : These. Who hasn't fallen in love with these? I have to admit they do remind me of the princess slippers you can buy in the Disney Store with the mini princess costumes but boy do I love 'em! I guess you could say they do the job - I'm sure they make you feel like a princess!

Sequinned dress, George at ASDA : There's a huge ASDA near my place at university so during my weekly shop I decided to have a look around the George section and saw some beaut bits, I got home and decided to take a look at their website. I instantly went through their dress selection and found some lovely pieces! I particularly liked the sequinned dresses (they have a range of different colours), they're an affordable option and look so glam. A girl needs a bit of sparkle on her birthday, right?

Grey midi dress, Next : I saw this one weekend and instantly fell in love with it, but the £40 price tag put me off it. I know £40 isn't a lot for knitwear, especially when it's good quality, but I hate spending (haha, how ironic coming from a fashion blogger)! With my birthday just around the corner I've tried to refrain from buying it and am just going to ask for it as a gift instead. I can't wait to style it and am already envisioning the full look in my head.

Advent calendar, Topshop : I love this! The last few years have seen so many beauty advent calendars being launched and it's such a good idea. Consider it the healthier option, rather than eating a piece of chocolate a day you can get a new piece of jewellery instead - perfect! When it comes to jewellery I love bold pieces and will choose a big pair of hoop earrings over studs any day but I've been loving dainty necklaces recently and think that studs are definitely the smarter option in the winter so this advent calendar has some really cute ones.

Pearl earrings, ASOS : More studs in this wishlist?! Coming from a self-confessed hoop lover, I'm surprising myself! But these were just too cute! Pearls look gorgeous with any outfit and I think these are so pretty, the perfect accessory for a smart look or a really dressed down outfit, they're so versatile.

Leather look converse, Office : I actually spotted a girl wearing these on the bus the other day and I thought to myself 'how are her converse like that', too embarrassed to ask, as soon as I got home I searched for converse and came across them! They're the standard white converse but with a leather finish! These are perfect! They won't get soaked in the rain and the leather effect is really eye catching.

Fluffy key ring, River Island : I'm in need of a keyring and I absolutely love these fluffy ones (notice a theme?). I think the neutral tones are gorgeous and the fact it's oversized means I won't struggle to find my keys amidst the clutter in my bag!

White mini skirt, River Island : I love a good leather mini skirt, I've got so much wear out of my black one during the autumn so far that I'd love to have a go at styling a white one too. I think it will look gorgeous with tones of grey and black.

Black boots, Marks & Spencer : I spotted these on Instagram and it was love. I'd been looking for some boots with a higher leg (I don't know if that makes sense, but hopefully you'll understand what I'm saying by looking at them). These will go beautifully with the grey midi dress - there's me getting ideas already! These are pricey but I think you can justify spending more on a good pair of winter boots as they need to overcome the rubbish British weather.

Kate lipstick, Rimmel via Feel Unique : I had so many recommendations to get this lipstick but I just haven't come across it yet so why not add it to my wishlist 'ey. This one is in 107 and it's apparently the perfect autumnal shade, so I'm taking everyone's word on it!

Sunglasses, Topshop : Ok, ok, I know this is a bit of a silly one. Sunglasses in the A/W?! But the sun has come out so often that I've crazily been wearing sunglasses mid-November! I love these for a real statement. Although I do have quite a small face and these would probably take over my face completely...

Flares, ASOS : Flares. What are your thoughts? I think they have so much potential when styled right and I've been pinning so many looks on Pinterest (follow me here) that I really want to give it a go myself. These are the only exaggerated pair I've found and they're really rather pricey in my opinion but I haven't found any others like these, any tips on where else I could find some affordable flares?

Watch, Olivia Burton via ASOS : I love a good watch, I think they're the perfect accessory as I'm not really into many bracelets or anything, I tend to pile on rings and go for a good statement watch. I have a silver, gold and rose gold watch and I love them all dearly but they're quite chunky, statement watches and I think they're more suited for an everyday look. This little Olivia Burton one is far more subtle and perfect for a smarter look, the white bracelet goes with everything and I do opt for gold accessories the most so the gold rim was only right.

So I think my wishlist is looking pretty boring to be honest! I don't know why but when I think about what I want for my birthday, all I've been thinking about are new technology bits I can add to my growing collection (bizarre!). I feel I'm such a picky person when it comes to clothes that I'd much rather go out and buy things myself - my family and friends will vouch for me when I say that I change my mind a lot! But anyway, my wishlist is very muted with greys, whites and blacks which I think are going to be quite a staple for me even in the winter. Those were a few of the bits I've been lusting over which I think you might like as well. Who knows, you may be seeing some bits on the blog soon ;)

What have you got your eye own at the moment?

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  2. Nice picks! I have a question about your vlogs, in what program do you edit your videos?

    1. Thanks :) In my previous videos all I used was Windows Movie Maker haha! But in my most recent video (my late autumn lookbook) I used Cyberlink PowerDirector :) X

  3. Great picks those boots are so cute, and I had no idea Topshop did an advent calendar! xx

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

    1. I actually has a look and it isn't available online anymore which is so disappointing! But it might be in stores so I'll be keeping an eye out! X

  4. Happy birthday 13 days in advance! I hope you get your birthday wishes on December 2nd. P.S.: Congratulations on the popularity of your Primark Haul | Peexo - YouTube video! I love it.

    1. Haha, thank you 13 days in advance! Ahh thanks! I'm so pleased it was so well received :) X

  5. I definitely want a pair of those fluffy heels! In case I don't remember, happy birthday for December 2nd!
    Tiana x