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Monthly Recap #10 & Update

1. Gold // 2. Hello Metallics // 3. Sweater Weather // 4, Stripes On Stripes // 5. This Lady Is A Vamp // 6. Let's Talk Christmas // 7. Playsuits In Autumn // 8. Throwback Fashion // 9. Pleather On Pleather // 10. Casual Autumn Uniform // 11. Nightfall // 12. My First Time... // 13. Simple White Shirt

If you've been following peexo for a while then you'll know I like to stick to some sort of schedule, and when I change things up I let you know. Just after the summer I was finally happy posting 4 times a week (Monday's, Wednesday's, Friday's and Sunday's) and I think you all enjoyed seeing me blogging a little more, well, I hope you did anyway! But if you hadn't already noticed, I've definitely been blogging more often, especially now that I've started out on YouTube (peexo vlogs), I have so much more to share...

So with that being said, I'm going to change things up a little once again! I was contemplating blogmas but I think blogging every single day during the Christmas period will be too challenging for me, especially with all my university deadlines coming up and I'll be going to Portugal this Christmas too and I find it's always a little harder to blog from abroad. I've decided instead to attempt to blog every week day which isn't too far off every day but I feel a little more comfortable saying that rather than every day and then falling behind early on - that's not to say you won't be getting in a few extra posts here and there.

The reason for this change is that I feel like my Sunday posts are just no good. I started off with my monthly recaps which aren't as popular as they once were (although I think I'll still post those at the end of the month) and now I've been sharing my video's with you on a Sunday but I just don't feel like it's good enough - it's almost like I prepared a post on a Sunday just for the sake of sticking to my schedule and wasn't really getting anything from it. So that calls for change!

Here's my plan: I'll still be posting 3 new outfits every week, if not more, and I will of course share my video of the week with you but I'll do that sometime during the week and I'll also try and include something different - a lifestyle post or a beauty post - just so there's a little more variety in what I'm posting. I hope you like the new change and let me know what you'd like to see me post on peexo as I'd love to know what you like seeing/reading the most!

With that little update out of the way. Let me know which outfit was your favourite one this month! These were my most popular:
Gold // This Lady Is A Vamp // Let's Talk Christmas // My First Time...

I love the obvious monochrome theme with these looks, and of course how popular the ripped jeans are - I absolutely love them but it's getting a little too chilly to wear them now! I think my favourites were 5, 11 and 12. I always find it so interesting to know which outfits were your favourite as that really helps me guide my blog in the right direction! So don't forget to leave me a comment letting me know which outfit was your favourite, and in terms of my new blogging schedule, what you'd like to see on my blog - it can be something new or something I've done before but stopped, or even let me know if there are any posts you don't like seeing.

What would you like to see on peexo?

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  1. I love your coats, gorgeous style.

    Kate Spade handbag giveaway on the blog right now, come check it out.

    xx, Jodi

  2. All these looks are amazing! Gold is my favorite xx

    1. Thanks Zoe! I do love a bit of gold; it's definitely one of my favourite laid back looks too! X