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Let's Get Christmassy

A guide showing you how to welcome Christmas into your home; consiting of home decor, trinkets, and small gifts. With less than a month until Christmas Day, it's time to get started...

I'm seeing gift guides taking over my bloglovin' feed, YouTube subscription box, Twitter, Pinterest, and everywhere else! I'm starting to feel like I'm falling behind haha, but I've always waited until after my birthday (December 2nd) to start getting Christmassy - #DecemberBirthdayStruggles. To stay true to my birthday struggle, I've decided to kick start in a slightly different way. Last Wednesday I posted my Birthday Wishlist, which of course works as a Christmas wishlist too, and today I'm showing you some of the things that I think are perfect to get you into the Christmas spirit. I may have started buying Christmassy things myself (which you can spot in my latest haul on YouTube.. oops!).

'Merry Christmas' decoration - What better way to let everyone know you're feeling festive than to hang up a very merry decoration, this would sit beautifully over a mirror or above a fireplace.

Breakfast set - Ok, this is probably a little extreme but I just couldn't resist adding this cute breakfast set! I love it, I think it's such a cute set to have during the festive season and throughout the whole of winter if I'm honest! It's such a cute set, and because it's a breakfast set only has 12 pieces (rather than 24 in a dinner set) so I'm sure this can squeeze into the cupboards, right? Haha, any excuse!

Frozen Christmas card - If you didn't love Disney's latest release then I don't think we can be friends. I love Frozen, and this is such a cute card for the little ones (and even grown ups).

Faux fur stocking - I love this! I've been loving wearing faux fur recently and so having a faux fur stocking is just incredible, I'm a fan! If anything, I'd say it's a little dangerous especially if you have a fire place as I'm assuming it would be highly flammable.. nonetheless, it's a beauty to look at, isn't it?

Wreathe - This is so traditional and almost goes without saying. Although, I don't think it's as popular as it once was it's just a lovely addition to your home decor. I've even started to see some smaller versions which would be cute to place on your bedroom door.

Pillows (pack of 3) - These are such a fun trio! Including Father Christmas, an elf and of course Rudolph. Pillows instantly change a place and these will look so fun sitting on a sofa or decorating your bed.

Santa and Rudolph fake nails - I have seen so many different types of Christmas nail art and I think these have to be my favourite ones, I've heard so many good things about the House of Holland (or in this case House of Ho Ho Ho) press on nails that I'd love to try a festive pair. I also love the Christmas jumper fake nails which is a good alternative to actually wearing the jumper!

Santa Christmas countdown - So cute! If you'd like a little festive reminder to sit on your desk then I think this mini Santa chalkboard is adorable - granted, it is meant for babies but I would happily have this little chap sitting on my desk giving my hope that Christmas is near!

Reindeer antlers - I've shown you these before, I just think these are so fun. When else, other than Christmas (and maybe Halloween), could you get away with reindeer antlers - just think about that one...

Handbag - If you're not really into the whole festivities and aren't one for sporting a Christmas jumper or hat or socks or nails or leggings or pyjamas (the list is endless!) then why not just add a festive red to your outfits in the run-up to Christmas; in my opinion this bag is the perfect way to do so!

Santa socks - Christmas without socks is incomplete. I mean, nobody really likes receiving socks but they're a practical gift and when they have big old Santa on them then they're bound to put a smile on someone's face.

'White Christmas' pillow - Another pillow! This one is a much smarter one and is a more subtle hint of Christmas around the home. If you don't want to push Christmas into everyone's face then a simple pillow like this one will sit pretty in your place.

Gingerbread man card (pack of 6) - Christmas cards are falling out of fashion a little bit and I must admit I rarely send out Christmas cards unless I'm giving someone a present too. Although a friend of mine sends me one every year and it always brings a smile to my face so I may send some this year and if so, these are the perfect cards to do so.

Coffee cups - Winter time means coffee is needed at all hours, especially in the mornings. So on those dark and grey days reach for a festive coffee cup and I'm sure your day will become much better! Think about all the money you'll save on Starbucks and Costa when you don't need their festive cups as you'll have your own! This is ideal for any cofee lover.

Ciate advent calendar - Who doesn't love a good advent calendar? It makes the wait up to Christmas a little more bearable in my opinion. This one is perfect as it has 24 shades of nail varnish, and the Ciate ones are always a fabulous pick!

Bedding - Come on now, Christmas bedding is a must! I love this set because it's reversible (which means one set looks like two, wooo!) It's the perfect Christmassy set to put you in the festive mood.

Yankee candle advent calendar - Yankee candles are notorious for their Christmas scents. I've spotted so many Christmas-themed scents that I think I would love! A large Christmas candle will probably be a little too overpowering by the end of the festive season so the mini versions that come in this advent calendar are perfect.

Nutcracker - This makes me think about Disney and Christmas (of course) so add a nutcracker to your home decor and feel a little more festive! I also think a nutcracker isn't strictly just for Christmas so it's a pretty little ornament to keep in the house.

These are all cute bits for the home to make you feel a little more festive around the house! The great thing about buying seasonal trinkets is that you can re-use them year after year, and if you're a really festive person you can just have these all-year round haha! I didn't include a Christmas tree and decorations because that's pretty standard when it's Christmas right?

Let the countdown 'till Christmas begin!

How are you decorating your house or your room for Christmas?


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