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Playsuits In Autumn

I had ordered this coat months ago, and if any of you are familiar with Sheinside then you'll know that delivery does take a while, but when it finally arrived I was more than excited to see it but I was a little underwhelmed in person. It's very oversized, especially towards the bottom and I just wasn't sure how to style it, nonetheless I went ahead and tried it out with a few things and have to say I was pleasantly surprised! Yes, I do think it's a tricky piece to style but, it works. I kept this outfit quite monochrome but with more light colours than focussing entirely on black, which is a nice change! 

I wear playsuits all year round, so I tend to stick to the neutral colours which are easy to style even with tights for the winter but the knee high boot trend has made it even easier to style playsuits for this time of year! Knee high boots are so great, I've said it before, you can wear a skirt and/or shorts, add a pair of knee high boots and you won't freeze to death because only a little bit of skin is on show (under those boots the socks are layered up haha!). I haven't really been showing you my jewellery bits recently which is a shame because I do love the addition of jewellery to any outfit so for this look I went for silver jewellery, predominantly layered rings, including my statement ring from NowSeen. 

Stay tuned for my late autumn lookbook coming on my YouTube channel this week; subscribe if you haven't already so you don't miss it. It's my first lookbook so I'm excited about sharing it with you and hope you all like it!

Are you wearing playsuits this season?



  1. another fabulous look and superb styling,i have to say you really are so amazing and inspirational and i hope you get the recognition that you deserve! xx

    1. Thanks sweet! So pleased to hear you think so lovely X

  2. You have an amazing sense of style...i am sure you can do wonders with any piece of cloth existing and look great. loved your look.

    1. Haha, it's always fun to experiment with seasonal pieces! Happy to hear you liked it, thank you! X


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