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Hotel Elysées Bassano, Paris

Paris, France
Hotel Elysées Bassano
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Hotel Elysées Bassano, a few steps away from the infamous Champs Elysées. Having been to Paris many times now this is by far my favourite location! I stayed here over Valentine's Day with my boyfriend but I wasn't majorly impressed by it; the hotel was adequate but really not worth the four stars it boasts, the room was nice but that's just about it - nice. In my opinion you mostly pay for the location which is fine if you just need a place to sleep in that's pretty central but if you're looking for a more luxury stay then this isn't it.

I don't know if we were just unlucky with our room but we had a broken phone and in the morning as we were getting ready to checkout the ceiling in the bathroom began to leak pretty viciously so we hurriedly left before any major damage. If that wasn't enough, during breakfast the hotel fire alarm went off for a good 15mins with nobody saying much else other than there was no need to leave, so we ate breakfast to the sound of the deafening fire alarm. They say breakfast is extended until 12pm but I wouldn't recommend going late, we went at 11:30 and there was nothing left other than a few croissants and some scrambled eggs. Maybe we were unlucky during our stay with it being a busy period but it was a disappointing stay.

The best thing about this stay was location, and of course, the view from our room, We had a room facing the street and two big windows which opened up to the gorgeous Parisian views! We had a pretty big success in terms of the TV, there was a large selection of channels although all French but my boyfriend was pretty happy he was able to watch the football in our room - it's unusual to get football on basic hotel room TV. Lastly, the bathroom, pretty standard and somewhat boring but there was a bath! I think as soon as there's a bathtub in a room I'm instantly happy as I don't have one in my uni room so it's always a nice luxury. I even filmed a video here: Get unready with me in Paris.

Overall it was an adequate stay but I wouldn't give the hotel a 4* rating. It's a good choice if you're not looking to spend too much and stay pretty central.
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  1. This hotel looks amazing but it's a shame about the leak and broken phone!

    1. It does look lovely, that's why we booked it - it definitely looks like the images they display however, we has a few issues with our room but as I said nothing to say it wouldn't be a good overnight stay X